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Denizens, the Red Curtain O’ Blood™ has once again made its way over my eyes tonight, but I’m posting this with basically only one eye-half open.  Ergo, watch for the rant tomorrow night.

In the meantime, I have some damned good news worth a       or three.

According to Mexican consulate officials in Dallas, some 400 immigrant families have told them so far this year that they’re going back to Mexico and asked for transfer documents to enroll their children in Mexican schools.

Enrique Hubbard Urrea, Mexican consul general in Dallas, said it is impossible to track every Mexican who leaves the area. But he said the number asking for transfer documents at the consulate is on the rise.

At a rate of eight per family average – yes, I’m being conservative on that estimate; why do you ask? – that’s 3200 down, 19,996,800 left to go.

According to informal surveys by the Mexican consulate in Dallas, most of those wanting to return to Mexico cite the sudden scarcity of jobs, fear of deportation and uncertainty about obtaining legal resident status any time soon.

In the last few years, and particularly the last few months, Mr. Sánchez struggled to find work. His earnings dwindled as his children grew up and their needs multiplied.

“People like me, if you don’t work one day, you worry about how to feed your family the next day,” he said. “We as immigrant workers never have stability, even if the economy is doing well. Imagine how things are now.”

“Can’t deport ‘em all”, eh, Linguinispineya???

Hell, it’s like we’ve been trying to tell you – you, and anyone else who’d listen:  Take away their reason for being here, and the little pendejo  fuckers will deport themselves.

And this doesn’t hurt things, either:

Also, he said, there is growing anti-immigrant sentiment that he would rather not experience anymore.

“Those of us who live here live depressed all the time, in hiding,” he said. “They don’t like us here, and those who love us and whom we love are far away. I prefer to go back, even if it means living in poorer conditions.”

Mr. Hubbard said tougher enforcement of immigration laws in the last few years hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“Some say companies fear hiring people without proper documents,” he said.

He said others are seeing authorities detain more people in Irving, Farmers Branch and, to a lesser degree, Carrollton.

Damned effin’ straight.  See, guys, they can  be, uh, “persuaded” that they’ve maybe overstayed their welcome a little bit. 

Don’t let the door hit you en los pompis  on the way out, ilegales.

We paid a lot for that door.


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