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Denizens, those of you remaining from The Six Or Seven Who Used To Regularly Read Me™, if you’ve paid attention to me for any length of time at all, know me for having said this:  With the heterophobic community, despite all their lispy-assed, manaical bleatings to the contrary over the years, it’s never been the slightest bit about “tolerance” with them.  It has always been, and always will be, about acceptance.  What they want, more than anything else – save, perhaps, for their next in-through-the-out-door tryst – is for us to say that what they do is perfectly okay.  An eminently acceptable “alternative lifestyle”.  Just another “choice” for said lifestyle.

Which, as you have always heard me tell you, is the one thing I will never  say.  There is NoWayInHell™ that His Rudeness™ will ever  give the sodomite community the green light to have their little swishyfests.  The practice of homosexuality was perversion in the ancient times; it is perversion today; it will be perversion tomorrow; it will always be  perversion.  Period, end, stop.

Thus, it should come as no surprise how pissed-off I am about the Pathetic Pussified Pinktards™ trying to shove both their “lifestyle” and their agenda down the throats of those of us in Flyover Country™.  It’s already happening in Canada, where Focus on the Family’s  James Dobson has been forced to edit his message, lest the Canorkian half-assed excuse-for-a-government do it for them at the point of a gun (they had already forced another Christian ministry out of their pathetic country previously).

Within the last few months, the Demoscum chief needle-dick executive of Colorado, Widdle Willie Witter, signed into law a blatantly un-Constitutional piece of shit that can theoretically outlaw certain portions of the Bible – a move that Focus  calls a payback to the Butt-Buddy Brigade™ for helping to put his sorry little ass in office.

But now we have something that just might take the cake.  A smarmy little pissant limp-wrist has filed two lawsuits totalling $70 million  against two of the largest Bible publishers in the world.

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


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