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(Hat tip to LC, IB and sometimes-Realm-correspondent Lady Heather.)

Denizens, I was&#160 gonna blog on how Power Line had an excellent take on the so-called Asphyxiated Piss “gotcha” video they think they have on President Bush.

Fact of the matter is that most of right-thinking America sees this for what it is – yet another attempt by the Mangy Muttfucking Media&#153 to throw the DULY-ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, YOU FUCKHEADED LEFTARDS…

…uh, where was I?

Ah yes…under the bus.

Anyway, I was gonna write about how I hadn’t seen the video, and about how I didn’t want&#160 to see it, because I just can’t give a flying fuck about anything the Demoscummic mouthpieces mutter anymore.

Then…I saw this.

And immdiately found myself staring through a Red Curtain of Blood&#153.

It’s not enough that these ragheaded Islamofucks want to kill the Danish cartoonists for drawing their pictures of the sorry excuse-for-a-prophet Mo-ham-med (piss be all over his goat-humping, pedophlic ass).&#160 Now&#160 they want to try and “get to” one of the artists’ daughters.

Then again, this is precisely what you’d expect from a group of turbned tumblefucks like these sons-of-bitches.&#160 Naaaah, don’t go confront the cartoonists directly – that’d take something you Islamonazi dickheads don’t have a trace of:&#160 Balls.

No, go stalk their children!!!&#160 Yeah, that’ll show ’em!!!&#160 That’ll&#160 get you your 72 raisins!!!

Pansy-assed towelheaded chickenshits.

I think I need me a good deal of range time on this one…


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