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Hi-Point handguns are funny animals.&#160 (Funny strange, not funny ha-ha.)

They have a love-hate relationship with their owners – said owners either love ’em or hate ’em.&#160 Check out this thread, or even this one, and you’ll see what I mean.

So I bought a C9 at the Big Town (Mesquite, TX) gun show last month – you may remember I blogged on it – and took it to the range to give it a workout.

And the thing promptly jammed on me with the second mag, leaving me with a live round planted firmly in the barrel like what needs to be done to the Rev. Mykki Chickenshit’s ass with a cactus.&#160 No amount of coaxing could get the round out.&#160 Thought about taking it to a local gunsmith – but wouldn’t you know it, said gunsmith was out with the flu.

After a little reading, I came upon something interesting about the Hi-Point:&#160 Trigger linkage – that is, the point at which the gun actually gets fired – goes away when the magazine is not queued up.&#160 IOW, no mag, no fire.

Went to a range tonight, shoved a mag into the holder.

BAM.&#160 Sweet.

Put between 50-60 more rounds through it, and understood why I’d gotten it in the first place. Not the most attractive gun out there, but it feels good going in the hand, not too much recoil – good gun.

Count me in on the side of the pro-Hi-Points.&#160 Got me a helluva bargain with this one.


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