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Denizens, I dunno ’bout you, but this sounds suspiciously like a threat.

A top Republican pollster has a warning for GOP congressional candidates in 2006: distance yourself from President Bush at your own peril.

Oh, really?&#160 Speaking as a constituent&#160 – you know, those of us who put you Congresscretins where you are today? – I have a warning for you to which you might pay more attention:&#160 Do what we&#160 want, or it won’t matter where&#160 you are in relation to Shrubya.

In a memo to RNC chairman Ken Mehlman, Jan van Lohuizen said the link between President Bush and Republicans in the House and Senate is too strong to break.

“The president,” he wrote, “is seen universally as the face of the Republican Party. We are now brand W. Republicans.”

As long as President Take-It-Up-The-Ass-From-Vinnie-Fox insists on this half-assed “guest worker” program, that’s not exactly a designation I’d embrace, y’know?

As a result, he said, Republicans tread on dangerous ground when they criticize the White House.

“Attacking the president,” he continued, “is counter-productive for all Republicans, not just the candidates launching the attacks. If he drops, we all drop.”

Then get your shit together in time for the midterms, or you all fucking drop.&#160 Starting with HR4437.

The veteran pollster also argued that results in the 2006 mid-term elections would be driven primarily by voter turnout. He is concerned Republicans will not be able to rally as large a turnout as Democrats.

You sure as Hell&#153 won’t if you keep acting like the Party of Stoopid&#153 and running with tail tucked between legs from every illegal alien group that thinks they have a right to tell us how to run our country!

“Anything we do to depress turnout, by not running as a unified party for instance,” he said, “could very well lead to serious consequences in November.”

Only if you’re unified in favor of yet another&#160 illegal-alien amnesty program.

You spineless bastards have been warned.&#160 We’re pissed, and we’re under no moral compulsion to vote for you, or even to come out and vote at all.

Govern yourselves accordingly.


LC Xealot over at the Empire&#153 had a brilliant take on the immigration issue in this thread.

Read it here and see if this doesn’t just say it all:

The illegal immigration thing is an easy issue to explain. I had a liberal friend who argued with me on the subject, and I explained it like this:

The USA is our home, we live here… and we have rules, just like we have rules for our homes.

You don’t let just any idiot in your home, you have to get to know the person first.

1) Are you a felon? If so, I ain’t lettin’ you in my home. Why would anyone want criminals in their house… or their country?

2) Can you speak my language? If not, why would I want you in my home? What use are you to me if I cannot communicate with you.

3) Are you a mooch? I don’t let people in my home who raid my fridge without asking. Same goes for illegals and government services. If you bring your own beer though, we’re cool. I.e. if you work for it.

4) Do you know something? I’m not in the habit of letting dumb, lazy people in my home. Why would I want you here? We have enough dumb people to deal with as it is.

5) Do you know stuff about me, and do I know stuff about you? You don’t let someone who you know nothing about and who knows nothing about you into your home. So lets try some basic questions… like you know, What’s a Bill of Rights and where’s the statue of Liberty. And I’ll ask you some questions like “Where are you from?”

6) Are you sick or diseased? I don’t let people who are hacking up germs in my home, and we don’t want diseased people imported into our country either.

7) Do you hate me? If you espouse a hatred of me, I don’t want you in my home… or my country.

This is what Legal immigration is all about. Liberals make it out to be some racial thing, but you’ll notice that nowhere in that text did I ask or care about race or nation of origin. I don’t care where your house is, I don’t care what color your skin is. But I do care about those things above. We live here, this is our home, and it’s our right to say who comes in and who stays out. Anyone who says different has an agenda… a pretty messed up one at that.

“Indeed”, as the ACLU-boinking Instapundit might say…


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