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Item:&#160 John “Silence the Vote” McCain (thanks, Alan K. Henderson) is scheduled to speak at Liberty University’s commencement.

Caller on Limbaugh a few moments ago postulated that the likely reason McCain is going there is to tweak the Christian Right and tell them that they will never win another election, so they might as well get behind his all-but-inevitable campaign for ’08.

To which, IYAM, the Christian Right should reply:&#160 “We may not win the election – but we can sure as Hell&#153 keep you&#160 from winning it, moron”.

Just sayin’, is all.


Denizens, the Stupid Letter Of The Month&#153 award goes to some moron named David Swaim in Dallas.&#160 Since I’ve no idea how long the Dullest Moaning Snooze&#160 will keep it on their site, I copied it here.

(As before, sorry – don’t have access to the original letter to which Swaim the Short Bus Swami was referring.)

Here is what has to be one of the most stupid-assed lines ever uttered in any letter to the editor ever:

Entering the U.S. illegally is not a crime.

Let’s hear little Davey Swaim utter that brilliant line once again, shall we?

Entering the U.S. illegally is not a crime.

One more time, just for posterity’s sake:

Entering the U.S. illegally is not a crime.

Davey Swaim – you, dumbass, are one of the most stupid, fuckheaded, asshatted MORONS it’s ever been my displeasure to read.

Where the fuck&#160 did you ever get the idea that doing something – anything – illegally was not a crime,&#160 you fucking loon?

Damn,&#160 we need to send some of these shitheads back to Romper Room&#153…


It occurs to me that of all the folks we send to Iraq, Barry Lynn (Assholes Americans United for Separation of Church & State) should top the list.

I mean, look:&#160 Either he secularizes them, or they lop off his head.

Either way…we win.&#160 Y’know?


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