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“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you…”

&#160 &#160 &#160 &#160 &#160 &#160 &#160 &#160 &#160 &#160 -Ancient Chinese proverb

People like to laugh at the John Birch Society and label them a bunch of “kooks”.&#160 Wearers of tinfoil hats, moonbats – pretty much what the Demoscummic Party has become, y’know?&#160 Frankly, I find them to be of far sounder mind than a few Congresscritters I could name, but that’s beside the point right now.

Now here comes a freakin’ moonbat who likes to think he’s somewhat conservative, a Dullest Moaning Snooze&#160 columnist name Steve Blowhard, gonna poke some fun at the Birchers.

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