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We lost yet another icon yesterday.&#160 Alvis Edgar “Buck” Owens has died at his home in California.&#160 He was 76.

Buck Owens was a country swing star long before country swing was cool, and long before I’d ever heard of him.&#160 I first noticed this man when he teamed with another country singer named Roy Clark to host a comedy program called “Hee Haw” – one of the most popular shows of all time – which ran in first-run prodcution for nearly 20 years, and is still in syndication today.&#160 It was a show that didn’t have an agenda, other than to make America laugh.

No preaching, no political correctness, none of that – the cast & crew of Hee Haw&#160 wanted to make you laugh, and that was it.&#160 And, they never failed to do precisely that.

Godspeed, Buck, and prayers for your surviving family.&#160 You will be very much missed.


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