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Memo to Mark Cuban:&#160 If your team can’t beat the San Transexual Limp-wristed Warriorettes, it doesn’t deserve to win the NBA championship.


Dingy Harry Reid must be suspecting that Dr. YEARRRRRRGH!!! is either planning on resigning as Demoscummic head, or is at the very least vulnerable to a coup.&#160 Because he’s sticking his feet in his mouth almost with Dean-like regularity nowadays in what looks for all the world like at attempt to take over as head of the Party of Asses.

His latest verbal excrement came yesterday in an interview with the Assphyxiated Piss.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid called President Bush “dangerously incompetent” on Wednesday and said the administration ought to be doing more to prevent increasing sectarian violence in Iraq.

Actually, we agree.&#160 We here in the Realm&#153 propose that you and the rest of the Donktards in Congress volunteer to go and take the place of the Iraqi citizens.

That way, the Iraqis could be spared, the terrorists could have someone to practice their jihad on and America would be rid of its problems, as well.&#160 Everybody’s happy.

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