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(This’ll stay up top the rest of the day.&#160 Check below for new posts.&#160 -LSI)

Denizens, I found out last evening that one of my better friends in this thing we call the Blogosphere&#153 – Delftsman, the Emigr&#233 with a Digital Cluebat – was admitted to the emergency room last night with what they think is a case of congestive heart failure.

I’ve got him, his sweet wife Mama Montezz and their wonderful prodigy Anna in my prayers at the moment – and the order from On High&#153 here is that you do the same, please.

Thanks.&#160 Thatisall&#153.


Realm&#153 Intelligence reports back to us that the Royal Doublewide Bitch Supreme&#153 appears to have lost yet another&#160 teaching gig – this time, the one at the computer lab at the Miller Grove school district – and is now reduced to substitute teaching at various school districts in East Texas.&#160 (The reports, admittedly, do not indicate whether she merely quit the district or they decided to “not renew her contract”.&#160 Then again, I know this excuse-for-a-woman and y’all don’t, so…)

When we were married, I would sing praises about her teaching ability to anyone who’d listen.&#160 That was about four school districts ago.

Hate to say this…but it looks like I might have been a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee&#160 bit mistaken about that.

Intelligence also reports that she’s still whining about the things I’m saying about her and her friends over at the Yahoo! group momsslurpcome momscomefirst.&#160 Bitching about me calling her names.

While in the same breath calling me a…

LSIK&T:&#160 What was it again, Chip?

REALM&#153 SUPER SLEUTH CALVIN “CHIP” MONK (offstage):&#160 Uh, that was “ex-jerk”, m’Lord.

LSIK&T:&#160 Thank you, Chip.

…an “ex-jerk”.&#160 (Probably meant “jerk ex-husband” – but then, grammar, usage & spelling aren’t exactly her strong suits.)

So once again the infamous Stewart Double Standard&#153 rears its ugly head – this time a variation of “free speech for me, but not for thee”.

Nice work, Steffi.&#160 Can you make yourself look any more&#160 iditoic?


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