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Denizens, we start this episode of the Perfect Football Weekend&#153 with…waaaait for iiiiit…SCANDAL!!!

ALL:&#160 YAY!!!&#160

Remember after the C’girls stunk up the joint against the ViQueens last year in the playoffs?&#160 Remember Brett Favre’s superfluous touchdown pass at the end of the game, then his rubbing it in on the ‘Boys in the lockerroom subsequent thereto?

MERLIN:&#160 You got majorly pissed off about it, near as I can recall.

Yeah, whatever.&#160 Clip’s below the fold for those of you who need a refresher:

Anyway, looks like ol’ Brett-ina has got his skanky ass caught with “pants on the ground” for real this time.

Jenn Sterger is talking, and what she is saying may show a side of Brett Favre that no one thought existed or wanted to see.

Earlier this week, sources announced that Brett Favre was calling it quits and retiring from the Minnesota Vikings. Many speculated it was because of an injury to his ankle, but it may be something else that is keeping the All-Pro off the field—scandal.


Jenn Sterger, for those who don’t know her, is currently the host of a sports show called “The Daily Line.” Yet, she may be more famous for being one of Florida State’s most famous fans. After gaining popularity, she landed a job as a sideline reporter for the New York Jets, and that is when she met Brett Favre.

Deadspin.com wrote that after meeting her, Favre left voicemails on her cell phone that Sterger labeled as “creepy.”

This was just the start of things, as Sterger alleges the superstar sent her naked photos of his private parts and one of him masturbating. He continued to do so on more than one occasion as a member of the New York Jets.

Memo to Brettina:&#160 Karma’s a funny little animal, boy.&#160 They call her a bitch – something of which I’m sure Deanna’s about to remind you.&#160

On to the PFW.&#160 The C’boys are in town tonight to play Preseason Game Number Two&#153 against the Oakland Raiders…

VENOMOUS:&#160 …uh, they are&#160 still in Oakland, right?

MERLIN:&#160 Last anyone checked.

…where we will see the starters play maybe a quarter, then the teams will proceed to give the Paying Customers&#153 precisely zero value for their money as the scrubs mop up.

WTF.&#160 It’s still live football.

There are other games this weekend, as well, so I’ll try to recap them as I get a chance to view ’em.

We’re back sometime before Tuesday for the recap.&#160 In the meantime…has anyone heard from HDD?


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