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The Vicar has been told that on Sunday evening he may not watch his TV shows. It seems that his better half has this irrational addiction to some sort of game in which 22 guys fight over a pigskin bladder. Apparently something called the NFL Pre-season begins this week.

I ask you what is more important, watching a bunch of guys fight over a ball, or watching some “real men”(and one woman) wrestle big rigs up the Dalton to Prudhoe Bay?



This issue has been out there for a while, but I still get riled up at the thought that some treasonous piece of scatological material get away with wanton violation of military classification rules. I get the idea that this site was founded by someone other than an American citizen, and I strongly suspect that the site is hosted outside the USA.

In my opinion, this latest dump of classifies documents constitutes an act of war, and our government should say exactly that to whatever nation is hosting the site.

Is this strong?, Am I being “over the top”?

Perhaps, but the illegal release of classified documents, especially classified military documents places our fighting men and women at increased risk. I don’t really think I am going too far.


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