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It’s preseason…it’s preseason…it’s preseason…gotta keep telling myself…it’s preseason…

at Dallas 9, Oakland 17

at Washington 42, Buffalo 17

Kenny “Lookit me, I’m Marvie’s li’l bro!” Albert and Joey Theeeesman Theismann were absolutely marking out over the Deadskins’ complete domination&#160 over…a Chan Gailey-coached Beefalo Bills team.


Yeah, it’s preseason.&#160 Yeah, it’s early in preseason.&#160 Yeah, Romo & the first unit haven’t been out there very long during either game.

That said – it’s not panic time yet, but it soon could be.

Romo drove the first unit right down the field, then the O-line broke down in protection and allowed a couple sacks and the ‘Boys never seriously threatened again.&#160 Buehler was&#160 three-of-three on FGs, though, so that was encouraging.&#160 First team defense dominated again, which is also a positive.&#160 Once the offense wakes up, Dallas should be okay.

But an offensive touchdown every once in a while would&#160 be a nice thing, y’know?

When the PFW returns on Friday, we will laugh our ass off at Kim Kardashian, and celebrate a facelift.


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