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Item:&#160 Former House Speaker and Texas congressman Tom DeLay was cleared by the Justice Department the other day on corruption charges.

Tom DeLay, the former Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, said on Monday that he had been cleared by the Justice Department in its long-running political corruption probe.


DeLay resigned from Congress in 2006 amid questions about his ties to Abramoff and after he was indicted in his home state of Texas for alleged campaign finance violations, charges he is still fighting.

Two of his former aides pleaded guilty in the Abramoff scandal as did former Republican Representative Bob Ney, who admitted he illegally accepted trips, meals, concert tickets and other valuable items in exchange for official acts on behalf of Abramoff and his clients.

“It was good news to hear from the Department of Justice that I have been cleared,” DeLay told reporters during a conference call. “I always knew this day would come; my only hope was that it would come much sooner.”

Item:&#160 The New York Slimes&#160 twisted its panties in a knot over the news:

The Justice Department decided last week not to bring charges against Tom DeLay, whose unethical conduct represented a modern low among Congressional leaders. The decision is a reminder that some of Washington’s worst big-money practices remain either legal or far too difficult to prosecute.

(Side note:&#160 Hey, Slimes?&#160 Two words:&#160 1) Clinton.&#160 2) China.&#160 Show a little angst & hand-wringing over that, and we’ll talk.)

Item:&#160 Darleen Click over at Protein Wisdom&#160 made note of this, but then couldn’t resist getting in a shot of her own:

Whatever one might think of DeLay’s ethical issues, and they are legion, the NYTimes again shows that when it comes controlling the micro actions of everyday living, no one wants it more or demands it more through legislation than the Left.

Uh, ex-squeeze me?&#160 Baking powder?

“And they are legion”?

Uh, Darleen, I’m pretty sure the trackback will never make it over there, but I’m a little confused.

Perhaps you could explain, in your infinite&#160 (cough) wisdom, to exactly which&#160 “ethical issues” DeLay has to which you object…?

I seem to remember that Mr. DeLay was an excellent Speaker, managing to push through a conservative agenda through the first Bush term, and was only forced to resign using a Republican House rule that (surprise, surprise!) never has managed to keep a Demoscummic Speaker of the House from serving.&#160 (Jim Wright, the Sleazer of the House, for one.)

I’ll just be sitting over here in the corner with my copy of the Federation-Shelliak peace treaty while you manage to sift through your notes and enlighten&#160 us all as to what, exactly, DeLay actually did to earn the wrath of a saint&#160 such as yourself.

For some reason, I imagine I’ll be waiting a while.


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