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The SpatulaGoddess has a wonderful article here about not harboring hatred for any or all of the Unholy Schiavo Trinity™ – Mikey Shitstain, Fellatios the Almighty Channeler Of Old Ladies He Wishes Would Hurry Up And Die™ and Georgie-Porgy the Flamingo-Felching Dolphin Humper™.

(Can you tell I haven’t quite gotten to that point yet?)

And I understand about Romans 12:19 and 14:10 and 14:12.  I understand that the Lord will repay these three murdering sons-of-bitches royally for killing an innocent woman.

That doesn’t stop me from desperately wishing that I could the the instrument of that vengeance.

I’m not condemning those who are filled with indignation, righteous or otherwise, toward this whole mess. Like I said before, there is plenty of blame to go around. But, now, she’s gone. Will throwing more mud bring her back?

Obviously, of course not.  But if nothing is done – if we go back to our fascination with Michael!!!!  and whether or not he fondled those little kids, or the latest dirt about Brad & Jen, or J.Lo, or Oprah, or this or that – that will be exponentially worse.

To sit there in a spirit of blah  is unacceptable.  This would send the message that “oh, well, we’ll point our nose toward the sky and sniff our disapproval – but really, boys, you do what you want to do, we’d rather not get our hands dirty”.  That  attitude not only encourages more of the same (or worse), it all but guarantees  it.

(Oh, and I fully realize that’s not what the SpatulaGoddess is advocating.  The rest of our “society” – if you want to call us that any longer – long ago attained “comfortably numb” status, resulting in our sense of morality lapsing into a deep coma.)

The question is therefore raised:  How much more are we willing to tolerate?

Some are now talking vengence, not only against Michael Schiavo, but against the judges and the politicians who let her down. No matter how much I long for justice, I can’t go there.

Indeed, we are talking vengeance – because that is precisely what that Unholy Trinity™ royally deserves.

And no person in any position of authority – from that sick swamp fuck George-Porgy Greer to the supposed  leader of the free world who bowed his knee to him – deserves to be returned to that place of power from this point forward.  Whether removed by ballot – or by other means – every single asshole who voted to have Terri killed deserves nothing short of being run out of town on rails.

And then having those rails turned sideways and shoved squarely up their candy-asses.

Go here and read what this nurse has to say about the whole thing.  She covers every point I ever could make about Terri Schiavo far better than I ever could.

We failed her.  We could have should have saved her life – but we turned our backs on her.

That’s  why, today, I’m ashamed of this country.


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