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Drudge is reporting that the President’s news conference was bumped tonight by the start of May sweeps programming.

Above that was a pic of the President next to this person:

Is it just me, or is Paris just a weeeeeeeeeeee  bit bigger up top these days???


Breakfast today:  Coffee and Tylenol Sinus™.

Looks like another trip to the doctor is in order.  And those of you who know me should be doing this:    right about now, since you guys know of my abject hatred of doctor visits.

Some background:  I caught this bug at the (shameless plug alert) Texas Blogfest last month, and it has hung on for dear life despite my best efforts.

(Side note to the SpatulaGoddess:  We ever get any more pics developed besides what we have there now?)

Anyway, one round of anti-bi’s and antihistimines didn’t fully knock it out, so if there’s no improvement by next week, back out to the sticks I go to see my doc. (sigh)  In the meantime, it’s back to chasing breakfast with a horde of Hall’s Mentholyptus™…


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