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Noel over at Sharp Knife has once again sliced & diced a Barking Bench Moonbat™.

This time, however – that moonbat happens to be one William Rehnquist, Chiefest Moonbat of ‘em all (at least, when he sounds like this).

It is well worth your time to read this one.  Go.  Shoo.


There’s one good thing about achieving old age – and I think I’ve mentioned it before:  The white-hot, nuclear device that is my temper doesn’t get set off as much as it used to, nor as quickly.

One good way to piss me off, though, is to harp on the same point, comment after comment after comment, after it’s already been debunked about four or five times over.

Let me introduce you, for the last time, to the cowardly little anti-Semitic fuckstick Non-Moron.

You remember Non-Moron, don’t you?  The fuckheaded little chickenshit who dared any of us to come say it to his  face?  Then, when I took him up on his offer, went and hid in his mommy’s trailer park in Fort Lauderdale?

Yeah.  That  one.

Anyway, in true chickenshit form, the pansy-ass demonstrated his proficiency for crowing like the hot shit he fancies himself – in a thread that most all of us had abandoned.

All of us…except me. (snicker)

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Misha has a wonderful piece today on how the the North Koreans are once again trying to pull yet another tough-guy act.  It’s a wonderful read, as usual, and you’d do well to go check it out for yourself.

But that’s not why I’m linking to it.

Towards the end of the piece, Misha says this:

The nuclear standoff began on October 2002 when North Korea acknowledged it was enriching uranium, a possible bomb ingredient, in violation of a 1994 international agreement.

Thank you, Kaiser Willie von Slickmeister. Now go bump yourself off in an amusingly grotesque fashion, if you please. Serve your nation, just for once in your useless life.

“Kaiser Willie von Slickmeister”?  Hmmmmmmmmm…where have we heard that  particular term before…?

Oh, well – I’ve lifted terms like “asshat”, “fucknozzle” and “pissweasel” from the Emperor’s vocabulary – I suppose I can make my own little contribution in return…heh heh heh…


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