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It would seem that – for now – we’ve averted another Terri Schiavo-type murder.

Sherri at Straight Up With Sherri  reports that 81-year-old Mae Magourik, who had been hospitalized with a dissected aorta, then subsequently hospiced and denied food and water at the insistence of her grand-daughter (who, it would seem did not have medical power-of-attorney to have this done), has now been removed from said hospice and transferred to another hospital, fed and re-hydrated.

Yes, I’m keeping an eye on this one – not to mention giving Sherri a higher-than-normal place on the blogroll.

You see, Sherri’s a Georgia blogger who actually possesses a clue – unlike some other Georgia blogger we all know…


Okay, I’m about to offend half my readership, statistically speaking.

If she has the slightest bit of honesty DNA inside that fat ass of hers, Stephanie Dawn Stewart Crager – Her Doublewide Bitchiness – will tell you that the overwhelming majority of housework in that little 1300 square-foot cottage of ours in Forney was done, not by her, but by her long-suffering husband.

Yeah.  Me.

That’s right.  The laundry, a good chunk of the vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen – that was the handiwork of yours truly.  Yeah, she did most of the cooking, and she insisted on cleaning the bathroom – but other than that, if there was housework to be done, I was the one doing it.

So you can feel for the poor sap at the Department of What The Hell Are They Smoking Over There™ who brought me this news blurb about the socialist pansy-asses in Spain’s parliament.  Damn near tore his head off over this.

It seems that They Who Cower To Islamonazi Pricks Who Bomb Their Trains™ are feeling a mite wimpish these days, and need someone to pick on.  Thus, they’re about to pass a law mandating that men…

…are you sitting down?

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