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Sadly for everyone with even so much as an ounce of brains, Hanoi Jane Fonda is back.

Sorta like that touch of bursitis that never quite goes away.

It’s springtime for Jane Fonda. After more than a decade pretty much out of the public eye, the 67-year-old Oscar-winning actress has resurfaced to plug the book and a new movie and is receiving the same mix of adulation and outcry that used to dog every step of her very public life.

Well, there are two reasons for that:  One, she’s getting the outcry because she’s never apologized or sought anyone’s forgiveness for her acts of treason in the 1960s, nor has she ever paid any public price worth noting.  You know – like a prison sentence.  That might have something to do with the outcry.

The adulation is, well, because she’s still a moonbat liberal, and she just attracts that from the Mindless, Mikey Moore Dick-Sucking Automatons™ who simply have fecal matter where their gray matter should be and just don’t know any better.

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