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Not everyone is happy that the Minuteman Project is down in Arizona blowing the whistle on the illegal aliens.

(Yeah, LULAC – I said “illegal aliens”.  Deal with it.)

Anyway, Amber, one of the commenters at the Rott, reports that one bimbo is conducting a hunger strike until the Minutemen go away:

Minutemen, you guys miiiiiiight wanna stay down there a while.  For her  sake.


Back when I was growing up, radio for me didn’t mean the acid-rock or the hard stuff like what you were getting from Foreigner, Foghat, Cheap Trick and Black Sabbath.  Nor was it the sappy stuff that you were getting from the country stations, although I did, even then, have a thing for this one lady name of Parton… (“Duh, Spats!  Really?!?!?“)

No, my radio was planted firmly on FM station 103.7, known around these parts as KVIL, and its morning legend, Ron Chapman.  Beginning in 1969, Chapman was a mainstay at KVIL, bringing the morning on for millions of listeners for 30 years there, before moving over to his company’s oldies-format outlet, 98.7/KLUV. (We’ll ignore, for the moment, the fact that this merely represented a shift back to the stuff he played during his heyday on KVIL. (grin))

For 12 years during the late 70s/early 80s, Chapman had a sidekick on his morning show named Jody Dean.  Many times, when Ron would go on one of his Johnny Carson-like sabbaticals, Dean would run the morning show solo, without missing a beat.  In fact, if one wasn’t listening closely, one would’ve sworn that Chapman was there; they sound very  much alike.  Jody would later move to the local news/talk radio station here, then on to television for our CBS affilate (we’re trying not to hold that against him).

Anyway, a few weeks ago, Chapman officially announced his retirement from broadcasting.  This week, he tapped Jody Dean to do what I imagine he’d figured he do at KVIL – replace Chapman at KLUV.

I see fit to blog on it today because Jody Dean’s a good conservative who’s been deserving for a long time now, not to mention being an all-around good egg.

Congratulations, Jody Dean.  Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.


The remaking of Iraq into a country more resembling the US continues unabated.  They’re to the point now where their terrorists are being sympathized with and given credibility by Lame Stream Media™-types like Roto-Reuters when roughly treated by US forces.

Just like our criminals here are sympathized with when our cops do scant more than breathe on ‘em.

The Dread Pundit Bluto has the details for you in his report.


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