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(No, not that  Teddy.)

Somebody bring Rod Roddy back from the dead.  We have ourselves another contestant in the “Who Can Be The Next GOP’er To Lose His Spine” game.

Today’s player is former solicitor general Teddy Olson, courtesy of Drudge:

Former solicitor general Theodore Olson writes in the WALL STREET JOURNAL on Thursday: “A prominent member of the Senate leadership recently described a Supreme Court justice as ‘a disgrace.’

That would be Soprano Supreme Soprano Court justice Anthony Kennedy, Teddy, ol’ boy – and yes, he is  a fucking disgrace.  How would you  describe a tin-plated judicial dictator who gives a pass to a 17-year-old murderer but allows an innocent Terri Schiavo to die?

(crickets chirping)

What’s that, Theodore???   I can’t heeeeeeeear  you!!!

An equally prominent member of the leadership of the House of Representatives on the other side of the political aisle has characterized another justice’s approach to adjudication as ‘incredibly outrageous.’

That would be House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, and he was bang-on right-on-the-money right.  When federal judges blatantly ignore Congressional orders to review a life-and-death case de novo,  it ain’t exactly tea-and-friggin’-crumpets, Teddy.

But then, I wouldn’t expect someone with linguini where his spine should be to have the courage to stand up to judicial tyrants and speak truth to their power.  That would require something you’ve apparantly lost, Theodore:  Balls.

These excoriations follow other examples of personalized attacks on members of the judiciary by senior political figures.

That’s right – and those  followed the same type of personalized attacks by the consitutents those political figures represent.

Try to remember, just once,  who used to pay your salary, will you, Teddy?

So it is time to take a deep breath, step back

Oh, and would you please  spare us the Duchess Hilarious bullshit about “take a deep breath”, sir?  It didn’t work when she  spewed that line; it’s not going to work for you, either.

and inject a little perspective into the recent heated rhetoric about judges and the courts.

Okay, here’s some “perspective” for you, Teddy.  These Bastards In Black Robes™ seem to think that they can legislate from the bench, set public policy from the bench, dictate whom and what we must be forced to tolerate from the bench, generally tell us how we can live our lives from the bench and what we can and cannot do from the bench.  They’ve told the Massachusetts Legislature what laws to write, how to write them and when to write them, and they’ve made a President and a governor bow before them in supplication.

They set themselves up as the branch of our federal government just a little more “equal” than the other two, and you  want us to put them in “perspective”???

May I kindly invite you to kiss my lily-white cracker ass, Mister  Olsen???

We might start by getting a firm grip on the reality that our independent judiciary is the most respected branch of our government, and the envy of the world.

Uh, not after the Schiavo travesty it isn’t, Teddy, you fucking moron.  Not after a convicted murder who bragged that he’d get off because of his age, did exactly that.  And no court system that allows that to happen is deserving of the tiniest smidgen of respect.

We expect dignity, wisdom, decency, civility, integrity and restraint from our judges.

And we haven’t gotten it.  We have time and time again received the equivalent of the finger from these Jism-guzzling Jurist Jackals™, and the people are finally starting to have had enough.  And it’s been too long in coming, if you ask me.

It is time to exercise those same characteristics in our dealings with, and commentary on, those same judges — from their appointment and confirmation, to their decision-making once they take office.”

Bite me, Olson.  If and when these whoremongers of injustice begin to again demonstrate that they’re worthy of my respect, I’ll consider throwing some their way.  If and when, but not before.

Until then, they – and you – can go fuck yourselves.


Memo to self:  When composing a really good piece on how John Bolton’s being shafted by a known Bush-hating trollop…

…keep the desktop theme changes to a minimum. (sigh)

Oh, well.  Maybe later.


The Department of Foxes Guarding Henhouses chimes in with this blurb, courtesy of one of my co-workers:

The Department of Homeland Security raised some eyebrows last month when it appointed a representative of Claria, a prominent “adware” maker, to a privacy advisory board.

Now we have a chance to see whether the inclusion of Claria/Gator vice president D. Reed Freeman will make a difference in the committee’s discussions about privacy and security. The DHS announced this week that the committee’s first meeting will be Apr. 6 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC.

So one of the high muckity-mucks of that insipid little software package Gator,  notorious for taking your private information and doing Cthulu knows what with it, is now in charge over at the Data Privacy section of Homeland Security.

Why has my personal Terrorism Alert level just gone up to Red?


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