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From the “So Weak, She Can’t Fight Her Own Battles” department, we get this little gem from Newsbusters about Widdle Gwenie Ifill’s “brilliant&#160 baby cousin”, Sherrilyn, who is the latest in a long line of the Professionally Offended&#153 to be snarked off by our beloved Sarahcuda.

The Community Times, a suburban Maryland newspaper, found Professor Ifill was ardently opposed to the Alaska governor when they did an e-mail interview:

“From the first day, Palin presented herself as shooting a bear in the morning, field dressing it, cooking up the breakfast, diapering the babies, passing legislation in the afternoon, cleaning the house, satisfying her husband, etc., etc., etc. And it’s just not true,” she wrote in an e-mail interview.

Oh, it’s not, widdle Cherriwyn?&#160 I’m guessing you were there, then, so you have first-hand&#160 knowledge of how the Palin household operates.

So tell us, in your infinite&#160 wisdom (*cough*bullshit*cough*)…what proof do you have that it’s not true?

CRICKETS:&#160 (chirp!&#160 chirp!&#160 chirp!)

Yeah, I thought so…

“It’s hard to be an average working mom, really hard.”

“Oh, boo hoo hooooooo, I have to work my fingers clean down to the bone, it’s sooooooooo hard&#160 as a tenured law professor here at a state-run propaganda mill university, boo hoo hoo hoooooooooooo…”

P.&#160 Uh.&#160 Leeeeeeeze.&#160

“And when women who are privileged

“Privileged” being a Code Word&#153 for “white”…

present as though they have it all together, it’s offensive to black women.”

And why is that, honeybunch?&#160 ‘Cause she has a man and you don’t?

And has it ever occurred to you that the likes of you&#160 might be offensive&#160 to the likes of the rest of us???&#160 Hmmmmmmmmmmmm???

She said, “black women are not easily confused by false claims to feminism.

Which is curious, because they seem to be easily confused by most everything else.&#160 Facts, for example.

When women like Palin lay claims to ‘representing’ average women, I think that black women have a visceral reaction to it.”

Some black women I know of “have a visceral reaction” if you so much as look&#160 at ’em funny.&#160 Kinda reminiscent of Mooselimbs and “murderous rage” – it pretty much gets set off at the drop of a hat.

Any&#160 hat.

So try again, will ya, Cherri?&#160 Something original&#160 this time.

Ifill added that Palin “missed her opportunity when she announced Bristol’s pregnancy to explicitly talk about how painful it was to her as a mother – instead of making it as though this too was also part of her perfect life.

It’s a concept, widdle Cherriwyn, that I doubt you’ll ever be familiar with.&#160 It’s called love, and it’s something that seems not to reside in your bitter, rotten heart.

FOAD, bimbo.


(Hat time Malkin, of course.&#160 )

Of course&#160 Gwenie Ifill is innocent of any leftist, wanna-suck-Obambi’s-ding-dong bias.&#160 Just ask her.

Better yet, ask Iowahawk.

Besides, you could use a good laugh today.&#160


Memo to John-boy Cornyn:&#160 You just lost my vote, asswipe.

Senator Noreiga, anyone?

No, Denizens, you can relax – I’m not going to vote for that stupid little Demoscum pussy.&#160 But neither am I going to vote for Cornyn.&#160 Ever again.

Same thing goes for the original “Breck Girl” herself.&#160 She’s already said she doesn’t plan to run again – she’s eyeing a run for Texas govern-ette – but I’ll sooner vote for Big Dickhead Perry than this bitch.

Keep your powder dry, guys.&#160 Socialism’s coming, and it’ll need to be met with a strong response, if you catch my meaning.


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