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Denizens, when the “finding” of the kangaroo court “bipartisan commission” which supposedly exposes Sarah Palin for being a Nazi-sympathizing, conspiring-with-Communists, psychotic socialist, maniacal, tyrannical, JACKBOOTED, CHILD-ABUSING, BOOK-BURNING, BIBLE-THUMPING MAFIOSA PUPPY BLENDER WITH DELUSIONS OF GHOD-HOOD OH MY GAWD THE HUMANITY!!!1!ONE!!ELEVENTY!1~

…well, I figured there might be something a bit amiss.

Sure enough.

But go read Ace, and then go read Misha’s rejoinder, plus the comments.

Particularly pay attention to LC Muscle Daddy, who noted (below the fold):

Okay – here’s the problem… (please bear with me)

Let’s start with our reference material, being the report & findings in question.

While I’m as happy as anyone else with the “within her rights to fire the insubordinate ass-bag” – part, there is, unfortunately, another part…

In the linked doc, go to page 8 to see “Finding 1” – this is where the “abuse of power’ part comes from.

Apparently, Alaskan statutes maintain that “…each public officer holds office as a public trust, and any effort to benefit a personal or financial interest through official action is a violation of that trust.”

It also defines “benefit” as “anything that is to a person’s advantage or self-interest, regardless of financial gain”. (pg 49)

It further identifies “personal interest” to include “immediate family members” which, in turn, includes “siblings” (pg 50).

Finally, “Official Action” is defined as “…advice, participation, or assistance, including… a recommendation, decision, approval, disapproval, vote, or other similar action, including inaction, by a public officer.” (pg. 50)

Okay – so basically it boils down to this:

When Sarah & Todd kept asking where the investigation was going, RE: her sister’s complaints about the kid tasering, moose poaching, drunk driving, criminality-bragging state-trooper-ex-husband…

… and repeatedly asked why such an embarrassing asshat was allowed to continue to represent the agency and the state of Alaska….

that was a breach of ethics – as those inquiries were “official actions” committed for the “benefit” of her “sibling”.

Todd’s inquiries apparently count against Sarah as well, since she didn’t stop him from making them, bringing us back to the “inaction” part noted above.

That is the purported “Abuse of Power”.

But wait…. what’s this?…

Waaaayy down on page 79 – under the heading “The Second Recommendation”…

“The legislature should consider amending AS 39.25.080 to permit those who file complaints against peace officers to receive some feedback about the status and outcome of their complaint”


So… this all got started because the AK state police had apparently ‘circular filed’ all of the sister’s complaints – and there was no legislative requirement to give the complaintant any information – so Sarah and Todd had to try to run it down for themselves…

…just to keep the department from doing whatever-the-hell-they-wanted?

(page 58 references an account of Wooten[asshat] having been slapped with a Restraining Order for harrassing and intimidating his ex-wife….which was lifted, when his supervisors intervened – looks like whatever-the-hell-they-want was the order of the day…)

Well – there we are.

Myself? If pursuing a do-nothing police agency over a do-nothing investigation of an asshat-scumbag-embarrassment of an officer is “Ethically Wrong”…

I don’t wanna be right (and like her better knowing she feels the same way)

Like the man says:


Indeed, as the real&#160 Puppy Blender&#153 would say.


(Hat tip HDD, with thanks.)

On Sundays, Denizens, as you all well know, I love to watch football.&#160 And since the C’boys are an NFC team, that usually – not always, but usually – means that I’m watching them on Fox.

Of course, after the game, I’m usually pretty quick to turn the channel over to NBC to watch Madden & Michaels, even if I do&#160 have to put up a bit with Keith Olberdouche.

But even if that weren’t the case, I’m always loathe to keep the channel on Fox after football, simply because their animated lineup sucks blue balls.&#160 I’ve never seen the point of The Simpsons&#160 (except for their couch scene during opening credits, which changes from week to week and is occasionally pretty funny); King of the Hill&#160 is an animated version of Everybody Loves Raymond&#160 with regards to their humor quotient (which is to say, it doesn’t have a whole lot thereof), and American Dad&#160 is a parody which I, quite honestly, find offensive.

Then there’s Family Guy.

On Oct. 5, Fox’s Sunday night cartoon debuted an episode titled “I Dream of Jesus,” a play on “I Dream of Jeannie.” Get it? Jesus is a fairy tale, like a genie in a bottle. The title character, Peter Griffin, wanders into a record shop, where he finds Jesus Christ minding the store. Jesus lies to Peter, trying to deny who he is, until Peter threatens to urinate on the albums of Christian artist Amy Grant. Jesus comes clear on his identity and explains he came to Earth “just to get away from the family … my dad just quit smoking, and he’s a little on edge.” What follows is an entire story that chronicles, in rather amazing fashion, how this lying, slacker Jesus is even dumber than Peter, the greatest idiot on animated television today.

Our Guardians of Social Taste would probably shut “Family Guy” down if it featured Peter Griffin as a demented Buddha, or maybe featured a drunken Mohammed, or God forbid — made fun of Barack Hussein Obama. But Seth MacFarlane hasn’t crossed the Anti-Defamation League, or the Council for American-Islamic Relations, or Obama’s “Fight the Smears” web page.

The difference, of course, being that Christians don’t fly off into a Murderous Rage&#153 at bullshit like this.&#160 Widdle Sethie MacFuckwit isn’t in abject danger of losing his head to a squadron of Christian machete wielders – because no such squad exists.&#160 There will be no Christian fatwa&#160 issued on Widdle Sethie McFuckwit, nor any jihad&#160 declared on him or his fellow anti-Christian bigots.

We’ll just say that, all other things being constant going forward, we hope that Sethie has his asbestos undies packed.&#160 He’ll likely need them where he’s going.


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