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So help me Cthulu, I will never, ever&#160 badmouth Andy Dalton again.

Arlington Heights 27, OD Wyatt 20

at Texas Christian 41, San Diego State 7

#1 Oklahoma 49, at Baylor 17

at Nebraska 17, #4 Missouri 52

at Dallas 31, Cincinnati 22

Before we start the recap, I’m going to quote from Drew Davison’s writeup of the Abilene-Paschal game in the Fort Worth Startlegram:

State-ranked Abilene had little trouble scoring against Paschal as it gained 484 yards and scored 11 touchdowns, including four from running back/wide receiver Herschel Sims. The Eagles scored three touchdowns in a 39-second span of the first quarter to take a commanding 28-0 lead. Paschal struggled all night, not getting a first down until late in the first half. The Panthers avoided a shutout when Chris King made [a] 35-yard field goal in the fourth quarter.

The final score was…uh…81-3.&#160 (No, that’s not a typo.)&#160 Ouch.

Now.&#160 From Carlos Mendez’ writeup of Heights-Wyatt, also from the Startlegram:

Christian Stevens caught an 18-yard touchdown pass, and Bailey Shelton kicked a 27-yard field goal as Arlington Heights scored 10 points in the fourth quarter for a 13-7 victory against Wyatt at Farrington Field. Bailey also kicked a 26-yard field goal in the third quarter. Jordan Price’s interception set up the final field goal for Heights (4-2, 1-0) in the District 7-4A zone game. Wyatt fell to 1-5, 0-1.

There should be no worries in Huskerland today.&#160 Bo Pelini will&#160 lead Big Red back to its former greatness – and he’ll do it with defense, as he’s done it everywhere he’s gone.

That said, this one was ugly.&#160 Butt-effin’-ugly.

Chase Daniel threw three touchdown passes, Derrick Washington ran for 139 yards and scored three times and the fourth-ranked Tigers beat the overmatched Cornhuskers on Saturday night for their first win in Lincoln since 1978.


The 35-point defeat was the Huskers’ most lopsided home loss in 53 years and fifth-worst in Lincoln in the program’s 119-year history.


“I’m not used to losing. I’m not used to getting beat soundly. It’s my fault,” said first-year Nebraska coach Bo Pelini. “Damn right, yes, I’m embarrassed. I apologized to the team. I apologize to the state of Nebraska. I apologize to everyone associated with Nebraska football.

“It’s my responsibility. I was hired to do a job and I didn’t do the job tonight. Anything else need to be said?”

No, Coach, nothing more.&#160 We understand, and it’s okay.

See, Denizens, this is why I love this coach so much.&#160 The man takes losing as personally as I do – probably even moreso.&#160 Hell&#153 – if SMUT had hired this guy, who knows? I might even have put the Shitland Ponies in the PFW.

Fact is, Baylor probably should’ve hired him.&#160

This was over in the first quarter.&#160 (For that matter, pretty much all OU’s games this year have been over in the first quarter.)&#160 OU scored 28 points therein and never looked back.

Sam Bradford threw for 372 and two touchdowns on 23-31, and DeMarco Murray had 96 yards and a couple of scores of his own on the ground.&#160 Juaquin Iglesias caught six passes for 133 yards and a touchdown.

In the fourth quarter, Cincinnati kicked a field goal to trail by one, 17-16.&#160 At which point, they executed a perfect onside kick and recovered at their own 48.&#160 Three plays later, Tank Johnson made the play of the game, forcing a fumble from Chris Perry which Anthony Spencer recovered.&#160 Two plays after that, Romo hit a 57-yard crossing pattern to Owens and broke the game back open.

Other than that and a fortuitous deflection at the goal line off Miles Austin’s hands that landed in the arms of Patrick Crayton – which, for once, he didn’t drop – Romo had a terrible day, going only 14-23-176 with a pick & another lost fumble (although the three TD passes helped offset that some).&#160 Barber had only 84 yards on 23 carries, but Felix Jones got back into the act this week with 96 yards on 9 carries, aided by a 33-yard scamper around right end for a touchdown.

Secondary coverage was a bit better this week, but there was still too much pitch-and-catch from Carson Palmer to Johnson, Houshmandzadeh and Antonio Chatman, particularly on two TD passes where blown coverages had left Houshmandzadeh wide open.&#160 On the plus side, the defense finally got their first interception of the year.

By Greg Ellis.&#160

Did see a little more physicality, but it still needs to pick up.&#160 And with that increased physicality will come crisper play, I think.&#160 They’re still half-assing it a bit, and it’s gonna come back to bite ’em before too long.

Memo to self:&#160 Haul PFW Intelligence Director’s ass up here soonest – and keelhaul it.

Andy Dalton tweaked his knee during the OU game, and it wasn’t quite right by Saturday.&#160 And of course, PFW Intelligence failed to warn me.&#160 (Same jackasses who insisted I pick Tom Brady for my other fantasy league team.)

Hence, junior backup QB Marcus Jackson played the entire way – and while he got better as the game went along, early on he was horrid.

His first pass was a quick out – and he threw it behind the receiver.&#160 Ouch.

A few more bounce-ins, overthrows and off-the-marks had the crowd groaning a bit before he found senior tight end Shae Reagan for a 3-yard touchdown to make it 20-0.&#160 And although Jackson basically gave the Aztecs their only points of the night when he fumbled at his own 1, he played well enough against a team that might have well been a Division I-AA school.&#160 I mean, SFA gave us more of a fight than this.

Hopefully, however, Dalton’s knee is alright by next week.&#160 I have a feeling Colorado State won’t be as forgiving.

This week:&#160 4-1.&#160 Overall:&#160 26-6.

The PFW returns Thursday, when I proclaim a Guaranteed Win Night&#153 for one of the PFW teams.


(Hat tip Malkin, of course.)

Gee – I thought that the $850 billion with a b&#160 Crap Sandwich 2.0&#153 was supposed to calm&#160 the markets.

Guess not.

See what happens when government gets involved?


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