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Boy howdy, things have surely been going most swimmingly for Liberal Lesbian Loon&#153 Lindsay Lohan since she dissed Sarah Palin and outed her own ass, haven’t they?

Just as her career was getting back on track, Lindsay Lohan suffered two setbacks. The actress’ guest role on “Ugly Betty” was cut short reportedly due to conflicts with series star America Ferrera. Lohan was also sued by three men for the wild car chase that led to her arrest in 2007.

What you sow, Lohan, what you sow…&#160


I was wrong about the Frog defense outscoring the Wyoming offense.&#160 They didn’t.

But the special teams did.

Arlington Heights 63, South Hills 13

at #15 Texas Christian 54, Wyoming 7

#4 Oklahoma 58, at Kansas State 35

at Nebraska 32, Baylor 20

at Dallas 13, Tampa Bay 9

Mark Grace didn’t throw much against South Hills.

He didn’t need to.&#160 The Yellow Jackets amassed 438 yards on the ground, led by Theo Davis with 267 yards on 23 carries.&#160 Both Michael Jacobs & Anthony Davenport added 67 apiece.

Baylor ran up & down the field on Nebraska’s Blackshirt defense the entire first half.&#160 RB Jay Finley and QB Robert Griffin each took off on 40-yard-plus runs to help the Bears stake themselves to a 20-17 halftime lead.

Then the second half started, and Nebraska began to take over the game.&#160 Joey Ganz threw two touchdown passes to wideout Nate Swift, and Finley was tackled in the end zone for a fourth-quarter safety.

Ganz was 32-46-336 passing (11 of those going to Swift for 121 yards), and Marlon Lucky led the Husker rush with 83 yards.

Believe it or not, at one point in the second quarter Rock Chalk Jayhawk the Wildcats had scored 21 unanswered points and was actually tied&#160 with OU at 28-all.

UPDATE:&#160 Thanks to the SpatulaGoddess for pointing out to me what I’d’ve noticed, had I not posted this with one eye open.&#160 Oops.

At that point, OU got pissed.

Sam Bradford threw one TD pass to DeMarco Murray, then another one to Jermaine Gresham, then Murray scored another one on a four-yard run, then Ryan Broyles took a punt 68 yards to the house.

Eight minutes, four touchdowns.&#160 Ball game.

Texas Christian did something they don’t usually do Saturday night:&#160 They gave up a 40-yard touchdown run right up the gut.&#160 The Frogs rarely give up rushing touchdowns period, let alone up the middle.

But other than a few well placed passes from Wyoming quarterbacks, it was another workmanlike effort for the Tadpoles.&#160 And immediately after the Cowboy touchdown, Aaron Brown took the ensuing kickoff and returned it 85 yards for a score.&#160 Later, a blocked punt would account for two more kicking-game points.

Offensively, it was the Andy-Dalton-to-Jimmy-Young show all evening long.&#160 Young worked the seam of the Wyoming zone for touchdown catches of 60, 55 and 39 yards, then caught one for 64 yards which led to another score – part of a 16-22-334 night for Dalton.

Turning point of the game came during the third quarter, when Frog linebacker Robert Henson delivered a shoulder to the head of Wyoming QB Karsten Sween, who was sliding at the time.&#160 Henson was flagged for a blow to the head, and the TCU sleeping giant awakened.

One Wyoming first down later, the Cowboys – which had been at the Frog 21 – completed one pass for a 2-yard loss, committed a 26-yard intentional-grounding penalty, and punted two plays later.&#160 They would not threaten again the rest of the evening.

Who are these guys and what have they done with the Dallas defense?

The same Dallas unit that allowed 34 points to the crappy St. Louis Rams gave Tampa Bay short fields all day long, gave up long passes to wideouts Antonio Bryant and Joey Galloway – and still kept the Bucs out of the end zone.

What made the feat even more spectacular was that Anthony Henry, the Cowboys’ only experienced active corner, went down with an injury

Brad Johnson was once again a POS at QB – but he managed to get a lob to newly acquired Roy Williams before the half, and that proved to be the difference.&#160 When (if?) Romo gets back, this will easily be the best receiving corps in team history.&#160 It’ll be something to look forward to seeing.

This week:&#160 5-0.&#160 Perfect Football Weekend achieved (5).&#160 Overall:&#160 39-10.

The PFW returns Friday, when Vegas may show a bit of bias.


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