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The Department of Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You&#153 has been pulling yeoman’s duty these last few weeks – and soon as this is all over, I’m putting them in for some much-needed shore leave.

DEPT OF IKGGY:&#160 YAY!!!!!!&#160

Anyway, they bring us this:

Item:&#160 When the Sarahcuda’s personal email was hacked, several (and I mean several) screenshots thereof made their way over here.&#160 (I don’t want to give these fuckwits the linkage, but I can’t find anyone else pointing to them, so…)&#160 They were not, and are not, terribly apologetic about any of it.

Item:&#160 G’AWK-AWK-AWK-ER has apparently run into a small spat of…er…financial difficuty, even though they claim&#160 that advertising…

is up 30% over a year ago.


You can guess the reason for these brutal measures: the recession.

Right.&#160 That would be the one that hasn’t happened yet, but that you dumb shits keep harbingering (harbingering?) about.

Ever hear of “self-fulfilling prophecies”, dumbass?

OTOH, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of pussies.&#160


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