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For your Sunday Tidbit™, Denizen David Hartung provides us with this very-well-written column by Victoria Toensing and Bruce Sanford concerning the Lame Plame Blame Game™ that Val & Joey are playing with Karl Rove.

For what it’s worth, ask yourself this:  Given that a NY Slimes  reporterette is now serving time in jail over her refusal to testify before a grand jury over her source for this leak of the identity of a CIA analyst – not a crime in and of itself, if the truth be told, but work with me here – and given that everyone seems to want to finger Mr. Rove for this…would the Slimes really  want to stay quiet about this, if there was even the remotest chance that Karl Rove could be perp-walked out of the White House?  Would the Paper of Broken Record honestly  shut up to protect the Demoscum’s Public Enemies Number One and Two (Bush & Rove)?


Mm-hm.  Thought  so…


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