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In a move that will surprise no right-thinker on this planet, Mr. “I’ll Show You!&#160 NYAAAAH!!!” himself, Scotty McCuntmuffin, has made yet another stupid-assed decision and endorsed Obambi for president.

“From the very beginning I have said I am going to support the candidate that has the best chance for changing the way Washington works and getting things done and I will be voting for Barack Obama and clapping,”

Thus proving that during all his years behind the podium, he really was nothing but an empty suit.&#160 And an extremely irrelavant one at that – I mean, had anyone heard from him since his “tell-all” book tanked?

McClellan told new CNN Host D.L. Hughley

D.L. Hughley?&#160 Late of the failed ABC pseudo-comedy “The Hughleys”, which couldn’t even make it on UPN?

All together now…

If this is what CNN’s replacing Beck with, they might as well send up the white flag now.&#160


I think I’m going to give the Department Of Stating The Obvious&#153 that R&R a little early.&#160 I think they’re trying to tell me something.&#160


Y’know, Denizens, I tend to think that if this SUV had parked outside my residence looking like that, I’d’ve been tempted to give it a car wash.

A .380-caliber car wash, if you catch my meaning.


[SCENE:&#160 the bridge of Pegasus.&#160 Lord Darth Venomous is holding something in his hands, and grimacing as though he has a bad case of hemorrhoids.]

KORRIOTH:&#160 Admiral?&#160 Are you alright, m’lord?

VENOMOUS:&#160 I’m okay, Korrioth.&#160 I’m just trying to make this damned contraption work.

MERLIN:&#160 What are you trying to make it ping over, m’liege?

VENOMOUS:&#160 That would be this, Wizard.

It’s at bedtime that Jorge Barraza misses his father most. The 5-year-old, clutching two stuffed animals, is dressed in pajamas and a felt cowboy hat just like his dad’s. But such comforts don’t make up for the absence of Juan Carlos Barraza, a Mexican migrant repatriated to his old hometown.

“He’s really in Mexico. By himself,” Jorge says in English. “We went to visit him, and the first night I wanted to get home.”

Jorge, who lives in Mesquite with his mother, is one of nearly 3.5 million children in the U.S. caught in the middle of the national debate about illegal immigration – born in this country to a parent who is an illegal immigrant.

VENOMOUS:&#160 And try as I might, I can’t budge that damned needle.&#160 I’ve even tried using the Force, but it’s a non-starter.

Amid the biggest wave of repatriations and deportations in decades, these children are being pulled in two directions – a situation that the U.S. government blames on the parents.

“The responsibility of these decisions rests with the parents, not with ICE,” says Carl Rusnok of U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement.

Damned straight it is, Skippy.&#160 Neither ICE, nor (by extension) the US Government, held a gun to these illegal pendejos’&#160 heads to cross the Rio Grande, y’know?&#160 It was their&#160 choice and theirs alone.

Don’t go blaming the United States, nor – again, by extension – any of her law-abiding citizens for the problems these anchor babies are undergoing.&#160 This is what happens when you don’t follow the process; this is what happens when you break the fuckin’ law.

Nope, still not movin’.


(Hat tip L.N. Smithee from Patterico.)

One of the things with which the Leftards are attempting to smear Joe The Plumber&#153 is the meme that “hey, his name’s not even Joe!!!&#160 Plbsthhhh!!!”.

In fact, his middle name is&#160 Joe – Samuel Joseph&#160 Wurzelbacher.

But at least Joe doesn’t throw a hissy fit when you mention his&#160 middle name in public.


Remember Jessica Hughes, whose thought crime was telling a couple of Obambi phone goons that their…candidate…was a pro-abort Socialist?&#160 And received a visit from the Secret Service for her trouble?

Well, it’s starting to look like they weren’t Secret Service after all.

The next day, a man and a woman in suits showed up at the door of her home, identifying themselves as members of the Secret Service.

The Secret Service agents stated that the Obama campaign had complained of a death threat. They had quoted Jessica as saying, “I will never support Obama, and he will wind up dead on a hospital floor.”

Jessica’s husband had heard Jessica’s side of the original phone call and verified the actual quote. To which the female agent replied, “Oh? Well why would she (the Obama volunteer) make that up?”

Jessica replied that the Obama volunteer was probably unhappy about what Jessica had said about her candidate. The female agent then said “That’s right, you were rude!”

The male agent then displayed a file with Jessica’s full name prominently printed on it and asked her how she felt about Obama. At this point, the former Marine told the agent “in no uncertain terms” (as she later recounted) that this was America and that the last time she checked, she was allowed to think whatever she wanted without being questioned by the Secret Service. And was being “rude” a federal crime now too?

The agents then admitted they had no tape of the conversation, just the quote from the Obama campaign.

And five’ll get you ten that’s because they weren’t Secret Service after all.

But they do&#160 appear to have been SS.

Memo to Obuttcrack’s goons:&#160 I’m still waiting for you to show up on my doorstep, pussies.

Don’t forget the bags.&#160


One wonders whether the Demoscummic veep nominee actually wants the post or not.

Senator Gaffemeister&#153 is now saying that if they get elected, it won’t be long before the United States gets its ass tested.

“Mark my words,” the Democratic vice presidential nominee warned at the second of his two Seattle fundraisers Sunday. “It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don’t remember anything else I said. Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.”

He’d best hope not.&#160 If the United States gets attacked again during any Obambi watch, I daresay it won’t have the same pulling-America-together effect as did 9/11.

Just sayin’, is all.


Coach Cupcake has to go.

at Texas Christian 32, #9 Brigham Young 7

at UBuffalo 27, Army 24 (OT)

at #4 Oklahoma 45, #16 Kansas 31

Nebraska 35, at Iowa State 7

Dallas 14, at St. Louis 34

This quote from ESPN says it all about UBuff:

It never seems to come easily for Buffalo, which also beat Temple 30-28 on Willy’s 35-yard touchdown pass as time expired on Sept. 13.

The Bulls had to scramble from 14 down in the final quarter, then kicked a field goal in OT and held on to win as Army missed their own FG try.&#160 Drew Willy was 25-35-279, and Ernest Jackson caught nine passes for 134 yards and one of the critical fourth-quarter touchdowns.

Nothing like a Cyclone to cure what ails a Husker.

Nebraska scored once in the first, twice in the second, then cruised in their victory over Iowa State.

Joey Ganz was 27-37-328 and a touchdown to Nate Swift (one of eight catches and 112 yards on the day for him).&#160 Marlon Lucky led a balanced rushing attack and also scored twice.

Bradford threw for 468 on 36-53 as the Sooners outpaced the Jayhawks.

Kansas came within a touchdown early in the third quarter, then Oklahoma put the game away.

Once Kansas got within 31-24, Oklahoma sacked him on three of the next four drives in forcing four straight punts.

Jeremy Beal got the first hand on Reesing, knocking the ball free to force a long third down, and two of the next three drives ended after Gerald McCoy and Auston English sacked Reesing on third-down plays.

There is a difference between this edition of the Horned Frogs as opposed to previous versions.&#160 This year’s Frogs actually have a secondary.

BYU QB Max Hall was intercepted twice and lost two fumbles as the Frog defense put the clamps down on the same offense that hung nearly 60 on UCLA.&#160 The secondary, though it did give up a couple medium-length balls, provided extremely tight coverage throughout.

BYU’s overall running game was also stuffed.&#160 Harvey Unga gained 53 yards on 14 carries, but Max Hall gave most of that back with -24 yards on 10 carries.

Andy Dalton was 12-19-170, most of that going to Jimmy Young (4 catches, 78 yards).&#160 The Frog running game was, for the most part, a takeoff of the single-wing formation, with wideout Jeremy Kerley lining up as the QB in the backfield and taking the snap for a designed QB draw.&#160 Joseph Turner also had 69 yards on 19 carries for the Tadpoles.

The running game didn’t run that well, although Marion Barber did get his 100 on 18 carries.

The passing game didn’t pass.&#160 Primarily because the line couldn’t block Swiss cheese.

The defense didn’t defend.&#160 Stephen Jackson ran over, around and through the Dallas matador defense.&#160 (Ol&#233!!!)

Special teams weren’t.

Hell, never mind Bruce Read – why is Wade Phillips&#160 still here?

The C’boys took the opening kickoff straight down the field and shoved it down the Ewes’ throat.&#160 Whereupon the Ewes promptly took exception and scored the next 34 points of the game.

Brad Johnson, who’s supposedly here because he “never makes mistakes” and “always makes the smart play” – well, he got picked off three times.

All this against what was, statistically, the absolute worst team in the league.&#160 Which makes one wonder – what does that, then, make the Cowgirls?

Oh, but Coach Cupcake’s job isn’t in danger.&#160 NoSirreeBob&#153.

Jones said it was a good time to assess the state of the franchise, but not to make sweeping changes.

“It’s pretty obvious that we need to sit down and look at everything we’re doing,” Jones said. “That’s not to be in any way interpreted as a change of any coaching or dramatic change.

“It really isn’t about making a lot of changes people-wise, as much as it’s about the change within the people.”

Which is to say, don’t expect a lot of improvement over at (Hidden) Valley Ranch.&#160 Cthulu forbid that Jerry admit he made a mistake.

This week:&#160 4-1.&#160 Overall:&#160 34-10.

The PFW will return on Friday, where we may start a pool on when Coach Cupcake gets canned.


(Hat tip:&#160 Tallulah.)

Denizens, since I absolutely love what Iowahawk had to say about the anal reaming of Joe The Plumber&#153 by the Fifth Column Fourth Estate, aka the Lame Stream Media&#153 – and since I don’t have a lot of time today to post on anything – here, for your edification is Iowahawk.

First, a pre-emptive apology for the intentional non-humor to follow. I promise that all future non-humor will be strictly unintentional.

We’ve all witnessed a lot of insanity in American politics over the last few years. Up until the last few days, none of it has seriously bothered me; hey, just more grist for the satire mill. But after witnessing the media’s blitzkreig on Joe ‘the Plumber’ Wurzelbacher, I can only muster anger, and no small amount of fear.

Politicians — Sarah Palin, Bill Clinton, et al. — obviously have to put up with some rude, nasty shit, but it’s right there in the jobs description. Joe the Plumber is different. He was a guy tossing a football with his kid in the front yard of his $125,000 house when a politician picked him out as a prop for a 30 second newsbite for the cable news cameras. Joe simply had the temerity to speak truth (or, if you prefer, an uninformed opinion) to power, for which the politico-media axis apparently determined that he must be humiliated, harassed, smashed, destroyed. The viciousness and glee with which they set about the task ought to concern anyone who still cares about citizen participation, and freedom of speech, and all that old crap they taught in Civics class before politics turned into Narrative Deathrace 3000, and Web 2.0 turned into Berlin 1932.0.

Godwin’s Law! you say? if the jackboot fits, wear it.

If it’s meta-memes and meta-meta-narratives these media headlice want, so be it. I hope you will join me in expressing a simple bit of solidarity with this guy, Spartacus style. I AM JOE. I am a Wal Mart schlub in flyover country who changes my own oil and unclogs drains without a license. I smoke and drink beer and toss the football in the front yard with my kid, and I figure I can fend my way without handouts from some Magic Messiah’s candy bags. Most everyone in my family and most everyone I grew up with is another Joe, and if you screw with them, you screw with me.

Are you a Joe? Say it proud. Leave it on every goddamn newspaper comment section and online forum. Let these pressroom and online thugs know you won’t stay silent when they try to destroy the life of a private citizen for speaking his mind — because for every one of them, there are a million Joe Wurzelbachers. And for that we should all be thankful.

Damned straight.&#160


As you guys know by now, the Sorprano Court of the United Socialist States of Amerika ruled in favor of allowing B. HUSSEIN!!!&#160 Obambi to steal the Ohio election, making things that much more difficult for John McCain to win.&#160 Other battleground states are very likely to follow.

(Malkin has more here.)

What really pisses me off about this, though, is that it was all the Supreme Whores&#153 who heard the appeal – and:

There were no dissents so evidently Roberts, Alito, Scalia, and Thomas agreed.

So I guess it’s now “let every vote count, even the illegal ones”.&#160 Even for treasonous bastards on whom we thought&#160 we could rely.

Nine ropes.&#160 Nine trees.&#160 Plenty of “ventilation facilitators” for afterwards.

You know the drill.


The beautiful and talented Malkin has a repost here of an article by the late Army Specialist Stephen Fortunato, which originally appeared in the Boston Globe.

Michelle has requested that it be reposted far & wide, and it is this scribe’s pleasure to do so.&#160 Not just because we’re madly in love with Michelle over this way, but because Specialist Fortunato was a helluva soldier, and we do well to remember & respect those.

It’s below the fold, so get clickin’.&#160 That’s an order.

If I may…

I’d like to say something….Just to get it out there so it is clear.

To all the pampered and protected Americans who feel it is their duty to inform me that I am not fighting for their freedom, and that i am a pawn in Bush’s agenda of greed and oil acquisition: Noted, and [expletive deleted] You.

I am not a robot. i am not blind or ignorant to the state of the world or the implications of the “war on terrorism.” i know that our leaders have made mistakes in the handling of a very sensitive situation, but do not for one second think that you can make me lose faith in what we, meaning America’s sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers in uniform are doing.

I am doing my part in fighting a very real enemy of the United States, i.e. Taliban, Al Qaida, and various other radical sects of Islam that have declared war on our way of life. Unless you believe the events of 9/11 were the result of a government conspiracy, which by the way would make you a MORON, there is no reasonable argument you can make against there being a true and dangerous threat that needs to be dealt with. i don’t care if there are corporations leaching off the war effort to make money, and i don’t care if you don’t think our freedom within America’s borders is actually at stake. i just want to kill those who would harm my family and friends. it is that simple. Even if this is just a war for profit or to assert America’s power, so what? Someone has to be on top and I want it to be us. There’s nothing wrong with wishing prosperity for your side.

I am a proud American. i believe that my country allows me to live my life more or less however i want to, and believe me, i have seen what the alternative of that looks like. i also believe that our big scary government does way more than it has to to help complete [expletive deleted]-ups get back on their feet, a stark comparison to places where leaders just line their own pockets with gold while allowing the people who gave them their power and privilage to starve. I have chosen my corner. I back my country, and am proud to defend it against aggressors. Also, if you dare accuse us of being inhumane, or overly aggressive because we have rolled into someone else’s country and blown some [expletive deleted] up and shot some people, let me remind you of just how inhumane we COULD be in defending ourselves. Let me remind you that we have a warhead that drops multiple bomblets from the stratosphere which upon impact, would turn all the sand in Iraq to glass, and reduce every living thing there to dust.

Do we use it? No. Instead we use the most humane weapon ever devised: the American soldier. We send our bravest (and perhaps admitably craziest) men and women into enemy territory, into harms way, to root out those whom we are after and do our best to leave innocent lives unscathed.

…One last thing…a proposal. i know it has been stated time and time again but i just think it is worthy of reiteration. If you find yourself completely disgusted with the way America is being ran, and how we handle things on the global stage, you can leave. Isn’t that amazing? No one will stop you! If you are an anarchist, there are places you can go where there is no government to tell you anything. That’s right…you are left solely to your own devices and you can handle the men who show up at your door with AKs in any way that you see fit. Just don’t try good old American debate tactics on them because you will most likely end up bound and blind-folded, to have your head chopped off on the internet so your parents can see it. However if you insist on staying here and taking advantage of privilages such as free speach and WIC, keep the counter-productive [expletive deleted] to a minimum while the grown ups figure out how to handle this god-awful mess in the middle east.

Oo-rah, sir.&#160 Oo-effin’-rah.


As if we didn’t need any further reasons not to elect B. HUSSEIN!!!&#160 Obambi, now we have She Who Would Be First Ho’&#153 whose piehole, apparently, he can’t keep shut.

Michelle Obama placed a surprise call to an African news agency to protest its coverage of WND investigative stories about her husband – characterizing the source of the material as “racist” and Jerome Corsi as “evil.”

The call was placed to African Press International, according to a report in the publication today. It said Michelle Obama accused API of “colluding with American Internet bloggers in an effort to bring down her husband.”

Ooooooooooooooh, it’s a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy&#153!!!1!!!ONE!1!ELEVENTYLEVEN!!1 Hides de wimmen ‘n chilluns!

The report said Mrs. Obama had hoped the African media “was mature enough to be in the front to give unwavering support to her husband, a man Africans should identify themselves with.”

Please to explain why that would be, Ms. Thang.&#160 Your ball-less consort is only half-black, and some reports claim that he’s actually an Arab.&#160 Why would the Africans&#160 just throw their support to him, sight unseen?

Besides, it’s not like Africans get to vote in an American&#160 election – unless you and yo’ fellow homies over at ACORN are trying to register them, too…

API’s account said it was “only relaying what the American bloggers and other media outlets had discovered through their investigations.” This, according to the story, angered her.

Oooooooooooh, those wascally Weepublicans!!!

“African Press International is supposed to support Africans and African-American view,” she reportedly said.

Gee, that’s funny, Michelle Ma-bimbo.&#160 Last I checked, journalists – like, presumably, the folks at African Press International – were being paid to, y’know, report the news.&#160 Not lovingly genuflect on their knees in front of your alpha-male wannabe, Barry The Obamessiah&#153, desperately hoping to get a glance of the jackass’ non-existent dick.

I mean, there is&#160 a slight&#160 difference there.

“It is strange that API has chosen to support the racists against my husband.

Facts are such&#160 racist things.&#160

There is no shame in being adopted by a stepfather. All dirt has been thrown onto my husband’s face and yet he loves this country. My husband and I know that there is no law that will stop him from becoming the president, just because some American white racists are bringing up the issue of my husband’s adoption by his stepfather.

Actually, bimboid, this is the first I’ve heard about the “adopted by a stepfather” meme.&#160 Seems to me that the big stink is being made about, you know, where was he born and where is his birth certificate???

The important thing here is where my husband’s heart is at the moment. I can tell the American people that my husband loves this country and his adoption never changed his love for this country. He was born in Hawaii, yes, and that gives him all the right to be an American citizen even though he was adopted by a foreigner.”

Then you can…oh, I dunno…produce&#160 the aforementioned birth certificate, can’t you?

Well, can’t you???

Naturally, the lying skankizoids at the Obambi campaign immediately disavowed SWWBFH&#153

The Obama campaign immediately denied the telephone call happened.

Tommy Vietor, a campaign spokesman, told Byron York on the National Review Online blog “The Corner,” the conversation didn’t happen.

“The answer is no, it’s not real, the report is made up. She did not speak to the organization,” Vietor said.

Whereupon “the organization” immediately put the lie to Obambi’s bullshit.

However, in an e-mail to WND, a man who identified himself as API’s “Chief Editor Korikr” confirmed the exchange.

“API hereby confirms to you that the story is true and if the huge interest on this particular story continues, we will post the recording on our website in the next immediate days.

“When we published the story we did not intend to cause any chaos but we are shocked by the huge interest the story is receiving from the Americans and the American media,” he continued.

“Mrs. Obama called us just to ask API to stop joining the mainstream hate online media that is trying to destroy her husband’s opportunity to get the presidency,” he wrote.

He said his editorial board would meet to discuss how best to release the audio.

Like the saying goes, you can’t spell “liberal” without L I E.

But Michelle Ma-bimbo didn’t stop there, nosirreebob.

AFI asked Michelle Obama to comment on the detention of Corsi during his visit last week to Kenya, where he was investigating the presidential candidate’s links to a controversial strongman serving as prime minister.

“When API asked Mrs. Obama to comment on why Dr. Corsi was arrested by the Kenyan government and whether she thought Kenya’s prime minister, Mr. Raila Odinga, was involved in Dr. Corsi’s arrest, she got irritated and simply told API not to dig [into] that which will support evil people who are out to stop her husband from getting the presidency,” the publication reported.

This becomes important later on.&#160 Stay with me.

AFI also said the first lady in waiting had some clear instructions for the publication.

“Mrs. Obama asked API to write a good story about her husband and that will earn API an invitation to the inauguration ceremony when, as she put it, her husband will be installed as the next President of the United States of America next year,” the report said.

In other words, suck Obambi’s non-existent dick figuratively and you might just get to suck it literally.&#160 Worship THE MESSIAH&#153!!!!&#160 and you just might get an audience&#160 with him!&#160

Now, remember she called Jerome Corsi “evil”?

Contrast that with how she…well, let’s read it together:

Michelle Obama had one other point to make – regarding the endorsement of her husband by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, which she deemed “unfortunate.”

She reportedly told AFI that it was unfortunate that the highly controversial Farrakhan made his support known before the election.

So Calypso Louie’s endorsement is just “unfortunate”?&#160 Tut, tut.&#160 Tsk, tsk.

But Jerome Corsi trying to find out the truth about where the Manchurian Muslim was born?&#160 That’s&#160 “evil”.

You need to control your bitch, Barry.&#160 She’s making the Demoscum Party more of an embarrassment than it already is.


Denizens, we’ll start this week’s Perfect Football Weekend&#153 by noting the delicious slightly off-taste irony of how Jerry Jones runs the C’boys.

We’ve already documented the plights of Terrence Newman and Adam Jones (we found out this week that the latter was suspended again by Roger Goodfella Goodell, which likely ends his Cowboy career (at least, that’s what Coach Cupcake thinks).

This will leave Anthony Henry as the only real veteran in the defensive backfield, as the ‘Boys will have to start either first-rounder Mike Jenkins or seventh-rounder Orlando Scandrick opposite him.&#160 (Jenkins & Scandrick are plenty capable – far moreso than Jacques “Toast” Reeves or Nate “Blackened Cajun CB” Jones – but they are inexperienced, and that’ll work against ’em.)

So how does Jerry address Teh Quandary&#153?

Why, he trades for offense – that’s how.


Now, don’t get me wrong.&#160 This Roy Willie will take a lot of the heat off of Terrell Owens, Jason Witten & company.&#160 And as soon as he gets a handle on the offense, allowing Patrick Crayton to go back to the slot, this offense could be this year’s Patriots.&#160 Just gotta hope it happens soonest, ’cause the defense still ain’t stoppin’ anyone.

On to the PFW.&#160 Gary Patterson’s 24th-ranked Texas Christian Horned Frogs (according to USA Today) get an early jump on things with a home game tonight against the eighth-ranked BYU Cougars.&#160 This is the second time this year that TCU gets to play a top-10 team after achieving a national ranking, and I don’t like the Frogs’ chances in this one, either.&#160 TCU does&#160 have a better secondary than in years past, though, so it’ll still be interesting.

(Incidentally, this is the Guaranteed Loss Night&#153 I promised you the other day.)

Saturday, Bob Stoopes’ fourth-ranked Oklahoma Sooners will take out their TU Shortdick frustrations on the 16th-ranked Kansas Jayhawks in Norman.&#160 Kansas is good, don’t get me wrong – but OU is pissed, and so this is not a good week to be Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

Having made it through their own personal Bataan Death March the last couple of weeks, Bo Pelini’s Nebraska Cornhuskers pay a visit to Ames, Iowa Saturday to curb-stomp the Iowa State Cyclones.&#160 What they do to ISU Saturday, they’ll be doing to all the Big 12 about two or three years from now.

Turner Gill’s UBuffalo Bulls are on a three-game bender.&#160 Time for a little pick-me-up.

Enter the Army Black Knights.&#160 Vegas doesn’t have a line yet, but I have a feeling I won’t need one.&#160 Give me UBuffalo straight up.

KORRIOTH:&#160 Big risk you’re taking, Admiral.

VENOMOUS:&#160 Not really, Kor.&#160 This is Army – first in war, first in peace, last in college football.

KORRIOTH:&#160 (grunt)

UPDATE:&#160 UBuff’s an 11&#189-point favorite, meaning that the SpatulaLine&#153 cannot be in effect.&#160 You need to win this game, Turner.

Sunday, the C’boys will be in St. Louis to play the Rams.&#160 Now, as HDD pointed out last week, Romo fractured his pinky against the Cards, so you’d think he’d be out for this game.

However, reports are today that he thinks he can play.&#160 And if he can go, he’s still a superior option to Brad Johnson, pinky or no.

So my fingers are crossed.&#160 Just not the pinky.&#160

Arlington Heights is off this week.

We’re back Monday with the recap.&#160 In the meantime, HDD, can Bucky bounce back from the PSU drubbing enough to have a chance at Iowa?


No Denizens – I am not watching the debate this evening.&#160 Because I’ve already decided for whom I’m going to vote, I don’t need to.

Instead, I’m watching this:

If we had such a man running today as the GOP nominee, we would be up by 30.&#160 And I mean that literally.

We miss you, Ronaldus Magnus.


Great Honkin’ Cthulu, these Donk bastards are&#160 getting brazen.

Murthafucker the Craven Coward Ex-Marine&#153 is now insulting his own constituency.

Mr. Murthafucker [Fixed it for ya.&#160 -DV]&#160 said it has taken time for the state’s voters embrace a black presidential candidate.

“There’s no question Western Pennsylvania is a racist area,” said Mr. Murthafucker, whose district stretches from Johnstown to Washington County. “The older population is more hesitant.”

They also bitterly cling to their guns & Bibles, Murthafucker, you turdweaseled twat.

Something you might do well to remember while you’re traipsing through that neighborhood.


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