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The Department of “Hypocrisy Much?” checks in today with the story of a Springfield bimbo who got busted on drug and gun charges.

Oh – did we mention she founded that town’s chapter of the Thousand Trollop Tantrum Million Mom March?

A Springfield woman who began lobbying against gun violence after her son was shot to death in 2002 was arrested last week when police allegedly found an illegal gun and drugs in her home.

Annette “Flirty” Stevens, however, said Monday she’s innocent, and the arrest is an attempt by police to get her to give up information about unsolved crime in the city.

Mheh.  Well, that’s  a new defense.  “Your Honor, I’m being tried for knowing too much!!!”

The handgun, which had a scratched-off serial number, and drugs allegedly were discovered Friday morning inside Stevens’ home in the 2500 block of South 15th Street. Authorities said they obtained a search warrant for the residence as part of an ongoing investigation of a recent series of drive-by shootings. No one has been hurt in the gunplay.

That would be (pardon the pun) dead giveaway number one.  When did you ever hear of one of these slutinskis be able to hit a target with such a reviled  weapon, eh? 

Although police declined to get into specifics, Stevens has a “close connection” with one of two feuding groups involved in the shootings, Lt. Rickey Davis said Monday.

Stevens, 47, who is free on bond, admitted she does know some of the people allegedly involved in the drive-by shootings. But she said she only knows them because her interest in stopping gun violence – sparked by the shooting death of her son Jericko Clark, 20, on July 13, 2002 – has her in the neighborhoods talking to the youths.

To me, that’s dead giveaway number two.  If I’m the parent of a murder victim, I’m not chatting up these snot-nosed punk-asses.  I’m hunting them down.  I think she does  know something, and she’s not telling what it is.

One wonders if the drugs were a payoff for that silence.

She said the police wrongly believe she is the ringleader of the shootings, and they think she has information to solve those cases, as well as others, including the December murder of Andre Ayers, 22, who was shot as a procession of cars wound through the city’s east side.

“This is a blatant attempt to try and undermine me,” she said Monday night. “… They can’t solve these crimes, and I’m familiar with these individuals, so they’re going after me because I socialize with all of them.”

How’s that axiom go?  Something about the company you keep?

A shame hypocrisy’s not a crime in Springfield.  We could lock this bitch up and throw away the key…

UPDATE:  Hat tip to LC Staci.


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