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Much to the chagrin of Cian “Real Chickenshit” Tierney, yours truly is half Irish (mom’s side), and I felt like getting into the spirit.

Besides, any time I can tweak a cowardly asshat like our 2nd favorite Michigan asswipe, this is a Good Thing™.


Denizens, remember a couple of years ago when then-Tampa Bay Buccaneer thug Warren Sapp blindsided Green Bay Packer Chad Clifton on a play that was going away from him?

That hit ended Clifton’s season.  It should  have ended that punk-ass Sapp’s career.

Well, now the NFL stands on the precipice of outlawing cheap-assed shots like that – and none too soon, from where I sit.

The NFL Competition Committee meeting in Hawaii this week will recommend that blind-side plays on “unsuspecting” players — such as Warren Sapp’s block on Packers tackle Chad Clifton on a punt return two years ago — should be banished under the rules, league sources told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen on Tuesday.

If the proposal is adopted by owners at next week’s league meetings in Maui, it will be specifically written into a broader interpretation of the unnecessary roughness rule.

The proposed change came as the result of continued dialogue stemming from Sapp’s block on Clifton during a game between the Buccaneers and Packers on Nov. 24, 2003, in Tampa. The play on which Clifton was injured occured in the third quarter, on an interception by cornerback Brian Kelly, and far removed from the action. Video showed that Sapp launched himself into the unsuspecting Clifton, who had his head turned and appeared to be slowing down.Clifton missed the remainder of the 2003 season with severe pelvic injuries.

And as if that weren’t bad enough – not only was Sapp the Punkaneer not flagged on the play…the bastard wasn’t even fined.

Good on the NFL for finally stepping up and being men about all this.  A little late, but we’ll take it.

As for the Punkass, we take a perverse pleasure in noting that Tampa Bay let him go to the Raiders last year, where he thoroughly underwhelmed the league.

Looks like Instant Karma™ gotcha, Sapp, you fuckhead. (snicker)


We get notice from the Department of “No Shit, Sherlock!!!” that – yeah, you guys had better be sitting down for this – the Lame Stream Media took it easy on John-Boy F’n Qetchup-ass.

A Columbia School of Journalism study released Monday found that the media took it easy on Sen. John Kerry throughout the 2004 presidential campaign, with coverage of President Bush coming out three times more negative.

The school’s Project for Excellence in Journalism found that 36 percent of reports on Bush painted him in an unfavorable light, while only 12 percent did the same to Kerry – according to Reuters.

The Massachusetts liberal also benefited more from positive coverage, garnering 50 percent more stories rated as favorable than Bush.

Now understand – this is the same CS of J that employs one Steve Lovelady, he of the “salivating morons who make up the lynch mob” crack, so for them to actually admit  this is saying something.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism monitored 16 newspapers across the country, four nightly newscasts, three network morning news shows, nine cable programs and nine Web sites in 2004.

On the Iraq war, for instance – which was a watershed issue for Bush – the study found that the three network nightly newscasts and public broadcaster PBS tended to be more negative than positive, while Fox News was twice as likely to be positive as negative, Reuters said.

Positivity/negativity had very little to do with it, IYAM.  It had everything to do with the fact that Bush was right,  as is now coming out in the wash.

We The People™ saw that, even when the LSM refused to, even when Qerry refused to – and now we’re being vindicated, and it is driving them positively insane. (snicker)

The Columbia group also noted a huge rise in readers who have turned to the Internet to get their news.

Which is another way of saying that the Lame Stream Media™ is losing its grip on reality, and the Blogosphere is rapidly filling the resulting vacuum…mhehhehhehheh… 


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