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Stick a fork in ‘im.  He’s as done as a barbecued turkey.

Dan Blather’s 24-year reign of terror on objectivity and the truth ended today with reports on rising gas prices, the proposed new bankruptcy bill, Iraq, secondhand smoke and Mount St. Helens, among other things.

And he signed off with the watchword he used during his early days at the anchordesk:  “Courage”.  And he received a very  undeserved standing ovation from his production crew afterwards – which See-BS was cheesy enough to let us see.

We’re glad he’s gone here.  Frankly, it’s this scribe’s humble opinion that See-BS’ ratings will now go up.  Not much, you understand – Bob Schieffer’s taking over, and he’s not really all that much better or less biased – but the Eye will be better off now that the albatross is off its neck.

Cronkite, was right – it should’ve happened a lot sooner.

(Do check out Rather Biased’s take on it all.  Nice.)


Okay, now that I have everybody’s attention, here’s what that last blurb was about:

Last night, ABC’s Nightline  aired a piece on us – namely, the Blogosphere.  And they noted how we had brought down Dan Blather (more on him later), the NY Times, Eason Jordan, etc, and how the Chickenshit Leftist Blogger Brigades™ had succeeded in forcing Jeff Gannon to resign from Talon News.

(ED. NOTE:  I’m still not convinced that this guy, by whatever name he may go, is involved in any of that shit that the sodomite community says he is.  I’ve seen one  picture, and that not a close-up, of a naked guy on a bed who might  look like this guy – and most anything can be Photoshopped these days.  Until I hear it from him,  the swishers could tell me the sky was blue, and I’d go out to double-check.)

And all this came with the standard liberal mantras:  “Oooooh, they don’t do things the way we professionals  do them.  Can we trust them?  Do they have credibility?  Is this good for America?”

At least, that seemed to be ABC’s take when it came to us here on the Right-Thinking Side Of The Blogosphere™.

But what chapped my ass last night was all the adulation and fawning tossed the way of one Maura Keaney, who runs a propaganda piece known as Democracy For Virginia, which I can only guess means that they don’t consider what they have now  to be democracy.  Presumably because they’ve had their ugly asses thrown out of office and are no longer in charge.

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