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Terri received over $1M in a medical malpractice suit back in 1992, according to this story in WorldNetDaily.  The money was supposed  to be used for her long-term care and rehab.

Not a dime of it has been used for that purpose – and now, we learn the remaining balance of the judgement is in the neighborhood of around $50K.

Yeah.  K.

“So where’d all this money go, Spats?”, I hear you asking.

When a jury awarded Terri Schiavo more than $1 million in a medical malpractice suit against her two physicians in 1992, it did so believing the money would be used to pay for the brain-injured woman’s long-term care and rehabilitation.

But instead of the therapy he promised he’d provide for Terri, her estranged husband, Michael Schiavo, 41, who is also her legal guardian, used most of the money to pay attorneys to arrange his wife’s death; ­and he did this with full court approval.

The money awarded Terri was placed in a trust fund, and a judge approved all expenditures ­from pedicures to attorney bills. The latter has skyrocketed over the years, as Terri’s parents, Robert and Mary Schindler, battled their son-in-law in the Florida courts over their daughter’s right to live.

In April 1993, Terri’s money was valued at $776,254. According to a financial planner, it’s been estimated that if the principle had not been touched, the fund during the mid- to late 1990s would have grown and at the same time generated an annual income of at least $70,000. This easily would have paid for her care in the finest nursing home in Florida, including rehabilitation.

However, under Florida law, if Terri should die, Schiavo as spouse and guardian stood to inherit her entire trust fund.

No sooner was Terri’s money in the bank than Michael Schiavo refused to begin the long-awaited rehabilitation program. He directed the nursing home where she lived not to give her antibiotics for various infections and had a “do not resuscitate” order attached to her chart. He later testified doctors had advised him that her condition was hopeless and if she became ill he should “let her die.”

So, instead of spending all that money trying to assist Terri’s recovery…Mikey Shitstain used it to kill her.

Oh, yeah.  That’s  being a “doting husband”, all right.

Fucking bastard…


And in keeping with the countenance of a man desperate to keep people from finding out about the heinous crime he’s committed, Mikey Shitstain is now trying to destroy the last remaining evidence linking him to the impending murder of his wife – that being the body.

He wants her cremated, you see.

Michael Schiavo decided to have his wife’s body cremated after her parents’ lawyers obtained medical records showing she had sustained broken bones, a nurse who cared for Terri Schiavo is now claiming.

“He wanted her cremated after the bone fractures and dislocations were found,” nurse Carla Sauer Iyer, who cared for Terri in the mid-1990s while she was at the Palm Gardens Convalescent Center, told ABC Radio host Sean Hannity on Friday.

“He immediately went to court and [said he] wanted her body cremated at that time,” she said, “after we got hold of the records that proved there were dislocations and fractures.”

Yeah, that really sounds like someone who “did everything he could vis à vis rehabilitation, medical care, etc., until it became hopeless.”

Sounds more like someone who keeps ranting about when is that bitch gonna die” to me.

And the conspiracy continues to grow:

Nurse Iyer said she recently contacted Palm Gardens to encourage co-workers who also cared for Terri to speak out – but said they have been muzzled.

“The administrator had gotten them together and they talked about what happened with Michael,” Iyer told Hannity. “The people who have worked with Terri who are still there, they cannot talk to reporters – they would be terminated.”

If I’m Bob & Mary Schindler, I’m having the best lawyers in the country prepare the largest-ever civil lawsuit.  And it’s gonna target not only Mikey Shitstain, but the twin Georgie-Porgy pisspots, Greer and Fellatios Felon Felos, plus  the state of Florida and the nursing homes who keep threatening these nurses with their jobs.

And several people/companies wind up owing me several hundred million dollars before it’s all done.  Hey, guys, you’ve heard of the concept of “wrongful death”, right?

I just hope Bob & Mary have the wherewithal left to take these motherfuckers to the cleaners.


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