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Desperate to blame anyone but the real culprit for his November defeat at the hands of President Bush…that is to say, himself…John-boy F’n Qetchup-ass this week took a swipe at…

…are you sitting down?

…the media

Still smarting from his election defeat last year, Sen. John Kerry blasted the mainstream media during a panel discussion at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library earlier this week,

Thus giving new meaning to the phrase “biting the hand that feeds you”.

saying they had contributed to an atmosphere of fear and lies.

Translation:  “…they didn’t do a good enough  job of creating an atmosphere of fear and lies”.

“There is something wrong with who is arbitrating the truth,” he said, according to Boston’s Daily Free Press. “When fear is dominating the discussion, we have a problem.”

Well, that’s funny, Botox Boy, because it seems that’s all you did throughout the campaign – tried to spread fear about a second Bush term (and lying out your Fwench ass in doing so).

Kerry said news conglomerates – particularly of broadcast news – were a large part of the problem.

“Dammit, CBS, your incompetence during Forgerygate screwed up my campaign!!!  Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

“The corporatization of the media has taken away some of the muckraking,” he complained.

Now I’m confused.  Are you saying, John-Boy, that you couldn’t have won the election without  the muckraking?  But I thought you said that the media had “contributed to an atmosphere of fear and lies” – certainly an environment of muckraking, or so it would seem to me.

Would you please make up your mind, O Qetchup Qing?

Kerry also criticized President Bush, saying his tax cut program had created a “middle-class squeeze.”

Yep.  Squeezing the life out of your chances to ever retake the majority. (snicker)

And thus continues the implosion of the Demoscummic Party.


The SpatulaGoddess has opined on Martha Stewart’s release from prison today, and how we’re about to have all-Martha, all the time.

Just when you were starting to pull your hair out at the prospect of all-Michael, all the time. (grin)

When I first heard the news this morning, I was like, “Oh, really? (yawn)  That’s nice.”  Right before I turned over and went back to sleep.

Anyway, go read Beth’s take on it all.  See if you’re not nodding your head knowingly afterward…


You may have noticed some small tweaks since I opened up shop here last week. (Well, besides  the ongoing troubles with the formatting. (grin))

Comments now appear in popup windows.  When I have an unusually long entry – as will happen, sometimes – and I have to use Movable Type’s “extended entry” feature, you now can view the extended post on the same page instead of being taken to another page, just by clicking on the “that all ya got” link.

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