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Today was a very  happy day in the Realm™.

For the most beautiful woman in all the Blogosphere – with all due respect to the SpatulaGoddess – Michelle Malkin herself has taken notice of His Rudeness.

The post below actually generated a mention from her, which left me dancing a jig pretty much all day long. (grin)

Now, Michelle, blogroll me and I figure I’ll be set…

Guys, I am  writing on the weekends now.  The policy of taking Saturday & Sunday off has been officially revoked.

In addition, look below the top post for more stuff before you guyz go traipsing off somewhere.  The one-post-per-day policy has also pretty much been revoked.

Like the Doritos commercial – Read all you want.  I’ll post more. (grin)


UPDATE:  Put a big “maybe” in front of that last blurb.  This week is already shaping up to be extremely  busy, as I pack up my lab in the warehouse and prepare to move across town to new digs in a business office.

After which I will likely finally be forced to maintain that phenomonon known as “bankers’ hours”.  Which means that days will now start for me at 5:00 a.m, like it or not.


Their readership keeps declining, ratings are spiraling downward, their credibility has more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese, and yet they still  insist on verbally shooting themselves in the foot.

Ladies and gentlemen, your  American Lame Stream Media™.

This time, it’s the Washington Pissed Post and their dumb-assed excuse-for-a-managing editor, Philip Bennett, in an interview with the Chinese rag People’s Daily.

Yong Tang: According to the opinion polls, the image of America has been becoming less and less popular in the world today since after the Iraq war.

Perhaps, Poon Tang, you might try asking the people of Afghanistan and the purple-fingered folks in Iraq just what their  image of America is, instead of asking Gear-head Schroeder and *spit* Jacques-ass ChIRAQ *spit* and their Useless Nitwit butt-buddy minions who’ve been ripping off the American taxpayer with the Oil-for-KickbacksFood program.

We find it really odd how a country’s regard for us is directly proportional to either how we benefit them or they’re able to temporarily scam us.  Amazing how, once we discover their treachery, their respect for us goes down a helluva lot.

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