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(Hat tip to LC Mrs Heather.)

Denizens, in the interest of helping you keep your last meal down, I’m going to do you a huge favor, and put the bulk of this post under the “extended” button.

This way, you are warned:  This post is rated “ew”.  Not PG, not PG-13, not R, not NC-17, not X, XX or even XXX.  Just “ew”.

(Denizens, this  time I’m not kidding.  This is not an attempt to sucker you in.  No spew warnings in effect – vomit warnings would be more like it.)

Last chance.  Do not click on the “that all you got” link if you don’t want to be grossed out majorly.

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Misha has once again dipped a toe into the world of rampant crass commercialism.

As is his right, of course – far be it from His Rudeness™ to interfere with the normal progression of capitalism.  Certainly I  intend to buy one, myself.

I will point out, though, that on this one occasion (mischievous grin) – I beat him to the punch.

Feel free to stop by and see what all I’ve gathered together in a shameless attempt to promote Spatulaism. 


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