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Greetings – well, acknowledgements, anyway – to all the liberal scum from a half-assed liberal blog called (snicker) “Democracy For Virginia”.

Let me say up front – I’m not the least bit impressed with any of you liberal shits.  Congrats to that fat icon of yours, Maura Keaney, for getting a legislator to pull what was a bad bill to begin with.  Not that it was any big feat, so save your “woot woots” for someone who gives a flying fuck.  Howard Dean, maybe.

Try referring to us without calling us things like the “extra-chromosome Right”, “fascists”, “Bushies”, “fundies” or any bullshit like that, and then we can talk about my maybe being impressed.

Until then, sod off.


Well, well, well.  One of our favorite cowardly asshats has seen fit to rear his ugly head here and start hissing like the little garden snake he is.

Non-Moron, the anti-Semitic fuckstick, decided he was going to take me to task concerning Bill & Roger Clinton in the thread below, and – well, see for yourself; it ain’t pretty… (snicker)

Dubya has done more drinking and drugs than Roger Clinton

Prove it, asshole.  Let’s see a credible source, independently confirmed.

Put up or shut up, fuckface.

and Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar while Curious George was snorting coke

Hmmmm.  Didn’t know they were that easy to get nowadays.  Maybe you should try for one, eh, shithead?

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Well, I guess that ties it.  The November elections have  to have been a bloody farce.  Completely illegitimate – we’ll just have to do ‘em alllllllll over.

The Rum Raisin Diva has declared it thus.

Embittered first-lady wannabe Teresa Heinz is questioning whether President Bush’s re-election victory last November was legitimate, saying that many of the country’s voting machines could have been “hacked.”

“Two brothers own 80 percent of the machines used in the United States,” Heinz told a lunch for Seattle Rep. Adam Smith on Saturday, referring to the brothers as “hard right” Republicans.

Yeah.  So?  I suppose you’d’ve said that had the brothers been Bill & Roger Clinton?

(Wait, what am I saying?  Those two don’t have the brains between ‘em to blow their noses.)

She argued that it is “very easy to hack into the mother machines,” in quotes picked up by the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

But not quite as easy as it is to pluck off a dimpled chad, is it, T’Rumraisin?

“We in the United States are not a banana republic,” added the Mozambican-born billionairess.

No, we’re a representative republic  – and you’d do well to finally get that through your thick, drunk-assed noggin, bimbo.

Heinz urged Democrats to insist on “accountability and transparency” in how votes are counted, and said the integrity of future elections hangs in the balance.

“How are we expected to steal elections if we can’t get flunkies we can trust, eh?”

“I think we should focus on ’06: If ’06 doesn’t work out, ’08 will be impossible,” she told the Democratic group, adding: “I fear for ’06. I don’t trust it the way it is right now.”

Duct tape over the mouth works very  well in matters such as this, T’Rumraisin.  I suggest starting with yourself first…


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