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When you read Scripture concerning end-times prophecy, you find one very interesting tidbit:  Nowhere does it make mention of any entity symbolizing or making mention of the United States.

From that, one can infer that the United States is not a player during end-times.

Having said that…when the United States of America is wiped from the face of the earth without even so much as a “by your leave” during the next world war (the one started by the Antichrist during the Tribulation), it’s my opinion that this – or rather, the callous disregard for life behind it – will have played a large role in our demise.

We reap what we sow, people.  We treat helpless life like this, some power’s gonna rise up against us and treat us the same way.

Just sayin’, is all.

And a special memo to Georgie-Porgie Felon Felos:

A lawyer for Michael Schiavo said he was “very pleased” by the initial appeals court ruling. But he worried that, as her parents ran out of options, either Gov. Jeb Bush or lawmakers might try again to take Terri Schiavo into their custody and circumvent years of court rulings that support the husband’s position. Michael Schiavo argued that his wife has no hope of recovery and would want to die.

“They have no more power than you or I or a person walking down the street to say we have the right to take Terri Schiavo,” attorney George Felos said in a state court hearing.

You have no more power to starve that innocent girl to death than I have to snap your scrawny pencil-neck, you fucktarded pissweasel.

But if you ever get within five feet of me, see how much good that  does you, Felos, you pathetic shitstain.

UPDATE:  The Florida Senate yesterday turned thumbs down on a bill that would have allowed Terri to be taken into protective custody.

Fuck you, Florida.   There’s no way in Hell I’d come down there to live now.  And Disney World and Universal Studios can flat-out forget about my  business.


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