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Last night’s Texas Blogfest soireé  at Humperdink’s was an unqualified smashing success.  Had between 15 and 20 folks at any one time, the beer flowed freely and the opinions even more so. (grin)

Today is lunch at…all together now…

5330 Bent Tree Forest Dr, #712
Dallas, TX

…just to prove to you fuckwitted trolls that my address does  exist. (snicker)

(Side note:  Yes, that’s Misha right by the “712″.  Yes, we lured him here with promises of booze and Cubanas. (grin))

UPDATE:  From left to right – BOTTOM ROW:  My dog, Pup-Pup, Humble DevilDog, Imperial Serving Wench (and co-organizer) Beth, me, ZiPpo the Pirate (Arrrrrrr!), Delftsman.  TOP ROW:  Eric (Denita’s husband and the father of the cutest little boy (next to mine, of course (grin))), El Capitan, Denita and the aforementioned toddler, Emperor Darth Misha I, Random Numbers and the Random Spouse, Mama Montezz.


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