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Hmmmmm.  Maybe the Duchess Hilarious is on to something when she states that the economy could collapse.

At least, it’s possible if these are the best candidates they can find to head the World Bank.

Treasury Secretary John Snow on Sunday would not rule out the idea of Irish singer Bono, an activist on debt relief and AIDS, making the short list of potential candidates to lead the World Bank even though an American is expected to get the job.

“He’s somebody I admire. He does a lot of good in this world of economic development,” Snow said.

“Most people know him as a rock star. He’s in a way a rock star of the development world, too. He understands the give-and-take of development. He’s a very pragmatic, effective and idealistic person,” Snow said.


You do  realize, don’t you, John-o, that we’re talking about a guy who just wrote a song, the lyrics of which start out…and I quote:


Which, for those of you who did not  marry a native Honduran last year, literally means “One…two…three…fourteen.

Nice.  That’s all we need to head up the World Bank – someone who can’t count.

Or, if Bono’s not your cup of tea, perhaps we could offer up…

Another candidate who has surfaced is Carly Fiorina, the recently ousted chief executive of Hewlett-Packard Co.

“She’s also a friend and somebody I think well of,” Snow told ABC’s “This Week.” But, he added, “I think we’re going to have to wait to reveal that next president of the World Bank for a little while.”

Wonderful.  Just friggin’ wonderful.   A rockstar who’s numerically challenged and a supermodel CEO who drove her company into the ground.

Uh, Duchess?  What was that you were saying about the economy again…?


(Hat tip to LC Staci – I think.)

A rule of thumb seems to be emerging when it comes to J. F’n Qerry:  When you find his mouth open, the liklihood is that his size 13 foot is planted squarely within.

Now he purports to have Congress honor a man who was a Communist and a racial separatist.

Why has John Kerry sponsored a Senate resolution honoring a Stalinist who championed racial separatism?

The Soviet Union awarded W.E.B. Du Bois the Lenin Peace Prize. Maoist China staged a national holiday in his honor in 1959. Now, for reasons unexplained, the Democratic Party’s 2004 presidential nominee seeks to honor Du Bois too.

This should really come as no surprise to HE.  McCarthy was the first to out the Demoscum as Communist sympathizers – that is to say, those Demoscum who weren’t Communists themselves.

And don’t even  get me started on Venona.

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