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Well, well, well.  Isn’t this interesting?

Terri Schiavo had a bad fight with her husband the night before she was discovered unconscious in the hallway of her St. Petersberg, Florida home fifteen years ago, and intended to seek a divorce, a close friend said Friday.

“They were talking about divorce at the time that Terri collapsed,” Jackie Rhodes told Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends.” Rhodes became a friend of Ms. Schiavo’s when they worked together at an insurance company.

Rhodes said the fight came as Terri and Michael considered splitting up.

“They were talking about a divorce at the time that Terri collapsed, and I do feel they were headed for divorce,” Rhodes said.

So.  They fight.  The very next night, Terri supposedly has a “heart attack” and suffers brain damage which puts her on a borderline between minimal consciousness and a vegetative state.

Mikey Shitstain tells a half-assed excuse-for-a-judge that Terri “wouldn’t want to live that way”.  Georgie-Porgie Greer, the Flamingo-Felching Fuckwit™ – who, it’s also interesting to note, doesn’t have all that great a track record when it comes to cases involving imminent danger to wives – buys the hearsay evidence  of Mikey Shitstain hook, line & sinker, and orders the feeding tube removed.

$700,000 has been set aside for Terri’s rehabilitation as part of a $1M malpractice settlement.  None of it has been spent on that rehab.  Mikey Shitstain stands to inherit the remaining balance of it when Terri dies.

No rehabilitative therapy has ever been given to Terri, and in fact, Mikey Shitstain has continuously halted all efforts to provide Terri any rehab at all.

Moreover, it’s now been alleged that this bastard injected Terri with insulin.

At last check, Terri wasn’t a diabetic.

I post this in part because some of you (Elisson, call your office) think that this so-called “Guardian Ad-Litem” report on Georgie-Porgie Dolphin-Humper’s desk portrays Mikey Shitstain as a doting husband who “did everything he could vis à vis rehabilitation, medical care, etc.”

Well, I call bullshit.  I think that this bastard attacked Terri the night after the argument, and he’s just trying to finish the job he started 15 years ago.  Because he knows that if Terri survives and rehabilitates to the point of coherence, she can finger him for attempted murder.

But that’s okay with some of you, isn’t it?  After all, Terri’s the exclusive property of Mikey Shitstain, isn’t she?

Just like in the good ol’ days.


One is the highest-ranking elected official in Florida.  A man who, with one word, could save Terri Schiavo’s life.

The other is the most powerful man in the world.  The leader of the most powerful country on the face of the planet.

And both  of them have bowed in supplication to a flamingo-humping fucknozzle in a swamp.

It’s not often Gov. Jeb Bush is frustrated pursuing his goals. He was the first governor to start a statewide school voucher program. He got rid of civil service protections for tens of thousands of state workers. He pushed through billions of dollars in tax cuts. His goal of prolonging the life of Terri Schiavo is proving much harder.

“It is frustrating for people to think that I have power that I don’t, and not be able to act,” Bush told The Associated Press on Thursday. “I don’t have embedded special powers. I wish I did in this particular case.”

You have those powers, motherfucker.  Florida statutes clearly  mandate that you, through the Department of Children & Families, have the power to go in and take Terri Schiavo with or without Georgie-Porgie Dolphin-Felcher’s express say-so.  But your performance in this crisis clearly  indicates that you’re afraid to so much as take a shit without that fuckheaded bastard’s permission.

And your so-called “compassionate conservative” brother excuse-for-a-President has been deafening in his silence.  Shrubby won’t so much as lift a finger to save this innocent woman, and the fat-assed son-of-a-syphilitic-crack-whore-bitch excuse-for-a-husband who killed her is going to get off scot-free – all because you two cowardly fucks refused to get up off your yellow asses and do  something about it.

(UPDATE:  Oh, sure, he’ll get up in the middle of the night for a hot chocolate and sign a bill that tells others to do his dirty work for him  – “Here, Fed Judge, go look at this and we wish you’d maybe see it in your black heart to perhaps could possibly, y’know, reinsert a feeding tube if you find time…” – but he won’t send federal marshals down to Pinellas County to take Terri into protective custody?  He can hold terrorist suspects at Gitmo for God knows how long without so much as a habeas corpus,  but he can’t go save a dying woman???)

Well, this conservative pro-lifer will not forget.  And I’ll make sure my fellow conservative pro-lifers won’t forget, as well.

Say goodbye to your political chances in ’06, and you can forget about retaining any majorities in 2008.  You’ve taken us down this primrose path before – talk a good game, but then show a decided lack of balls when push came to shove over our issues.

Now your chickenshittery has cost a young, innocent woman her life, and the asswipe mass of rejected afterbirth is going to get away with murdering her.  And we in the pro-life movement hold you  responsible.

And from this point forward, we’re going to make you pay.


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