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I was never really a fan of NYPD Blue.  While it probably more accurately portrayed life – and language – in the police department than, say, Adam-12,  it wasn’t something I needed to see.  And if I wanna see nudity (partial or otherwise)…well, there are always the newsgroups, right? (grin)

Having said that, I wonder how Andy Sipowicz would have looked on this.

The Girl Scouts of America is promising to come to the defense of a Long Island girl who was ticketed for selling scout cookies in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

That’s right, Denizens.  The good people of the NYPD are watching out for you and protecting your safety.  “Young lady, put down those assault Tagalongs right now!!!!!

Her father had set up a card table next to their van to sort out the orders, and that’s when a police captain and an another officer from the 94th Precinct came by in an unmarked car and shouted “Get over here, police.”

The 55-year-old father wasn’t sure they were legitimate police so he told his daughter to get in the van.

Prudent, I’d say.  Police will generally approach you and identify themselves as long as they don’t think you’re some sort of threat.  Why these  imbeciles didn’t is beyond me.

The police ticketed Louis for selling cookies without a permit. The NYPD said Louis was selling the cookies from the table and the officer didn’t see any Girl Scouts nearby.

More brainlessness on the part of the gendarmes.  Whatever happened to good detective work – “Uh, sir, is yer daughter around?”


The Girl Scouts of Nassau County said Grace Marie has been one of their top cookie sellers since she joined the scouts in kindergarten. She’s sold about 600 boxes for her Troop 3019. But she’s afraid to go back to Williamsburg to finish making her deliveries.

As they should be.  I mean, we all  know that Do-si-dos are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of New Yorkers and that the cops simply won’t stand for that…

The scouts said they will provide an attorney to the family when the father appears in Manhattan Criminal Court on April 11

Let’s hope this winds up costing Bloomberg another few million or so…


The One-Gloved Pedophilic Wonder™ needs to get it through his thick head that while accused criminials have their rights, one of them is not pissing off your judge. (snicker)

UPDATE:  The report is now that it’s a back problem.  Captain Hee-Hee went to the hospital because his back hurt.

Great.  Honkin’.  Cthulu™.

Damn, Jacko, my  back hurts like Hell™ every morning when I wake up!  Serves as a wonderful  alarm clock, don’tcha know? 

Get a heating pad!  Geez!!!


Remember, Denizens, how I’ve told you time & time again that liberals are nothing more than cowardly scum – bullies who are reeeeeeeal  brave when they think they have the advantage, but who’ll piss in their pants when you stand up to them?

I just love it when they make my point for me.  Saves me a lotta trouble.

Drudge has a story this morning about a chickenshit down in Tampa who thought he was gonna be some sort of Billy-Bob-Badass™ and play havoc with a mom and her two kids.

A Tampa man is out of jail after a possible road rage incident that gives new meaning to the term “driving left of center.”

Nathan Winkler, 31, was arrested overnight and charged with aggravated stalking for allegedly terrorizing a mother and her two children.

According to police, Winkler pulled up alongside Michelle Fernandez as she was headed south on Armenia and began beeping his horn and flailing his arms, pointing at her. Fernandez, meanwhile, could not see Winkler’s face because of a handmade sign in his window that read, “Never forget Bush’s illegal oil war murdered thousands in Iraq.”

See?  Comes complete with the tired, worn-out memes, too.

Winkler apparently grew more agitated as they continued to drive along, allegedly trying to run Fernandez’s car off the road several times over the next few miles.

The 34-year-old grew increasingly concerned for herself and her two children in the car and called 911.

“Look, he’s trying to run me off the road,” she is heard telling the 911 dispatcher. “Look at him. You [censored] idiot! Whatever, you moron! Get away from me.”

“I was blowing my horn at someone because I’m running stop signs and everything to get away from him,” she added later.

But investigators say even that did not stop Winkler from pulling in front of Fernandez and forcing her to stop. As he tried to run up to her car, she drove away and was headed to police district headquarters when she finally managed to lose Winkler.

It’s pansy-asses like little Natalie Winkler that give me an RCOB moment.  Liberal asswipes like this limp-wristed needle-dick won’t bother to stand up to people like me who are ready & willing to kick every last ounce of shit out of ‘em – but just give ‘em the chance to bully an unsuspecting mom and her kids and it’s a woot-woot moment for them.

It’s things like that that almost make me wanna move down to Florida, like yesterday, and take on this wussy boy.

Hey, Natalie – how’s about you come up to Texas and try that on someone like me, huh?  If it’s a fight you want, you yellow-assed fuckwit, I’ll be happy to oblige…


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